Love is Power

Whenever you talk about the things and people that bother you or annoy you, you send out the desire for more annoying bothersome things and people to be in your life. Did you ever wonder why the people who claim, “this type of stuff only happens to me!” always have crappy things happen to them? I am not original to state that the law of attraction is the reason behind this misfortune. Those people can only have good things and good people in their life if they imagine it and embody it. There is no other way.

Love is the powerful link that is missing in these lives. I know this because I was once the person who thought that I didn’t have luck.  What was I thinking?  Life is so full when you possess LOVE and when you believe in yourself.  You cannot fake this either.  You must truly embrace it.  So, without spending too much time talking about how powerful love is and how we attract what we put out, I want to outline some recent examples that I have been presented with which prove the point:

1) Today, my 90 year old grandmother told me that she will call me right back. She ran to the kitchen, put her ice cream in the freezer (yes, she is exempt from the JZ FITNESS nutrition protocols-sigh) and ran back into her bedroom to dial my number without looking it up. Many of you may not realize, but she is 90, and at 90, your memory slips. How did she remember? Grandma made up her mind that she is going to remember things and that she is a young minded lady. Grandma’s belief in herself offered her love for her memory which didn’t fail her this time.
2) A friend of mine hated her job and her boss and complained about it to me often. I told her to stop the hate and find love in herself to find a new position elsewhere. I even told her to find love for her boss until she leaves her job. She not only found her boss more tolerable, but she landed a job within a few weeks and is now off to her new venue.
3) A friend of mine sees clients in 3 different offices and was complaining to me that paying three rents is a pain in the rear. I told her to narrow down to two offices and she refused. She was fearful of losing her clients to competition who stayed in that area. Over a few months, she continued in the three offices and found out one day that new ownership of the building of one of the offices will force her to leave the building. Although this appears unfortunate, it is a blessing in disguise because now all the clients will follow her to her other office(s) because they don’t feel like she is abandoning them, and they proved loyalty to her in the end.
4) I can finally, and I mean finally, do a handstand. Yes, I have to still go near a wall (just in case I fall) but I got it. For some of you, you might be saying big deal. I always feared falling on my head and therefore never tried it. Fear didn’t allow me any love for handstands. I thank both of my girls Kumidini from Core Power Yoga on Wilshire LA and Liz Arch who are both handstand Queens. They post the coolest stuff on facebook and I fell in love with handstands because of them. I convinced myself that I will do a handstand. And one day, I did it! Right in my living room. I immediately texted Kumidini to tell her since she knew of my fear. She couldn’t wait to hear the details of this worldly event.

Where there’s love, there’s opportunity. Give yourself the power of love by believing in yourself and by offering gratitude for things that go right for you. When things go wrong, replace the negative feelings associated with whatever you are dealing with, with love. Love will always make your world go around!

*photo credit: Shane Bell