Brussels Sprouts and Israeli Salad

“I have no time” are the famous words I always hear.  Sound familiar?  The time is NOW to discontinue that statement from your life because time keeps ticking whether you choose it or not.  It is how we manage ourselves within time that differentiates the fulfilled person compared to the one who is struggling to attain fulfillment.  It is (s)he who fills up on junk food to gain fulfillment rather than plan the meals that satiate his/her body each day.  Rather than focus on the problem (weight issues, lack of time and lack of knowledge), why not be solution oriented?  That’s my linguo.

Going through a crazy busy day yesterday, and getting home at 9pm left me little motivation to cook a whole gourmet meal.  I therefore turned to these two easy to make dishes which ultimately will provide me with several servings of veggies over the next two days.

1) Brussels sprouts by Trader Joes in a pan: these suckers are already seasoned and ready to go.  Just nuke em and eat em!

2) Quasi Israeli Salad: find a carton of mini heirloom tomatoes, a carton of Persian cucumbers, an organic lemon and a bottle of red wine vinegar.  I personally don’t like raw onions, but you can cut up red onions and make it a true Israeli Salad.  Up to you.  All I did was got a huge container (As you can see in the photo) and I cut up the cucumbers and cut the tomatoes in halves.  If you are uninspired to cut the tomatoes, then eat them whole.  Either way, this will provide you with 4 servings of veggies, all in less than 5 minutes

Let’s get rid of the not having time excuse because as you can see, I have provided you with two viable options for those very busy days.  I am willing to take photos of me and my food even after 9pm just to share what I do.  Realize that these are all my meals and I simply share the variety and good tastiness that can exist.  Time never has to be a problem for you.  Desire to have an optimal physique is key.  Your body is your temple.  I have a whole chapter on HOW TO treat your body like a temple in my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity.  So get a copy and learn that life is truly what you want it to be.  Optimal health is what I want.  Feeling amazing in my own skin is my number one goal.  What is yours?  Wanna join the force of positive, healthy living?  Simply follow my nutrition blog and be sure to opt into the JZ FITNESS TIMES on the home page for more amazing tools.  Yes, you can!