Zen Cleanse

Cleansing the body is such a powerful tool in your overall health success.  Why?  Cleansing truly alleviates the body of any unwanted toxins that might have accumulated from your environment.  Even when your nutrition is pristine, you still breathe in the toxins from the air, eat out at restaurants that serve who knows what in their food, are exposed to germs from other, have exposure to toxins in products you use, etc.  Your body absorbs more than you know.  So therefore, perform a cleanse every six months, and for others, quarterly.

I was introduced to Zen Foods Cleanse which is actually fun.  The way it works is they deliver a little bag that is pre-packed with 6 cold press juices that are off the charts delicious.  Each drink is labeled 1-6 so that you know which sequence to drink them in.  There is a reason for this labeling system.  You are encouraged to drink a ton of water and tea and rest your body more than usual.  Does JZ listen to that?  Nope.  I worked out twice yesterday-bootcamp on the beach in the am and yoga in the pm.  You need rest, like a restorative yoga class, stretching and light cardio…I can tell you that since cleansing is low in calories, one must be careful with bouts of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) an perhaps avoid this issue by having one of the juices prior to the workout coupled with plenty of water.

Cleanses reset your desire to get on a healthy track to healthy eating.  We sometimes need an immediate tool to get us on the right nutritional pathway.  Doing a cleanse is a great answer to this desire.  If you aren’t here in SoCal, then consider looking into your local neck of the woods for some cleansing opportunities.  If you have any questions, you may always reach out to me too.  Make today a healthy and happy day! Cleanse your body and your body of any toxicities.  It is the key to remaining young forever.  xo JZ