Jenn Zerling, MS, CPT, known as JZ,  has been an athlete her whole life and a fitness and age management expert for over 15 years. She holds a Masters degree in Kinesiology, a Corrective Exercise Specialist credential, a Running certification, yoga 200+ hour certification and many other national certifications.

Her mission: to help America and the world break the chains of obesity and age well.

How is she going to do this?  One person at a time, one goal at a time.  She holds multiple positions in her field which allow her to meet open minded individuals who are thirsty to evolve. From top world executives, Hollywood producers, athletes, doctors, lawyers, students to you name it.  JZ thrives off of helping any individual who is open and ready to make it happen and learn how to optimize their lives.  Her “be-who-you-are” philosophy is what sets her apart from people in her industry.

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8 years of clinical nutrition and fitness experience

She has authored the book Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools which clearly outlines how to age gracefully and decrease fat weight.  Her JZ FITNESS NUTRITION APP is available HERE on IOS and HERE on Android.

She currently works with the best age management physicians and orthopedic physicians in California, providing their clients with her fitness and nutrition expertise.  She is the fitness and nutrition expert consultant for Optimal Medical Group in Fresno.  She is also the resident nutritionist for Orangetheory Fitness-Los Angeles.  In addition, she is the Director of Guest Wellness for a furnished housing and wellness company called Stay Fit Housing, helping their guests stay fit while they stay at five star residences throughout the country.

personal trainer

She personal trains people of all ages and has an extensive background working with children, geriatrics, athletes and weekend warriors.  She is a corrective exercise specialist through the Biomechanics Method and works with people who once suffered from injuries and who still struggle with improper biomechanics.  Her programming is very unique to the individual and her number one goal is to preserve joint health so that individuals can be active for life.


JZ coaches thousands of people through nutrition counseling and teaches them how to burn fat and keep muscle. A bonus; she teaches individuals how to age well by introducing them to her fun and easy to learn Nutrition 101 course.  Her follow up coaching to that initial evaluation and lesson plan is what helps individuals understand optimal nutrition and age management, once and for all.

Speaker & Author

JZ presents at fitness conferences and for the Age Management Medical Group (AMMG) Conference, New Jersey Education Alliance (NJEA) and AAHPERD  in front of fitness experts, physicians and teachers.  She is available for speaking engagements at private events, summits and for corporations.  She is an expert contributor for publications including The Huffington Post, SHAPE magazine, Self Magazine,, Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Prevention, Yahoo News, and the LA Times, 360 Magazine, New York Smash, to name a few. She’s appeared on E! News, Fox, NBC, ABC, KTLA, KRLA talk radio and ESPN radio.

genetics pioneer

JZ joined forces with Caligenix genetic testing as one of their key expert interpreters for their patients. She is  a huge fan of Epigenetics and loves that Caligenix can help you successfully adopt all the right behaviors to disguise your dis-ease genes.  If you want more information on how to test your genes, email JZ and she will walk you through the entire process from getting the test administered to the interpretation itself. 


JZ's lunch and learn program is an excellent way of teaching your employees how to feel better throughout the day, how to incorporate easy to implement fitness and nutrition strategies which will ultimately enhance employee productivity on the job.  She pioneered a wellness program at Southbay BMW for 18 months which created a domino effect among the entire dealership for healthier habits and team participation.


JZ currently works for Matthew Mcconaughey’s not for profit organization,  JK LIVIN’ Foundation, where she designs original fitness programs every week for all 26 high schools nationwide.  She physically participates and implements these programs at one of their Los Angeles high schools every Monday.  She recently joined forces with Xtreme Unity to help combat childhood obesity. JZ is developing a data collecting system for this organization so that their during school program can prove the necessity for physical education in the elementary school curriculum in the State of California where PE specialists are not required.  JZ's Master's thesis aligns directly with her expertise in this area and she will continue helping them build their curriculum so that it can be replicated for the whole state of California and beyond.  Other not for profit organizations she is affiliated with can be found on the 'Give Back' tab above.