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On the news for Fox 11 Los Angeles where JZ, the Director of Stay Fit Housing, discusses what their guests receive with their extended five star wellness stay.

We love the Nick Vasos. He is beyond awesome to help demonstrate the types of snacks that parents should provide for their kids going back to school. Remember, fit kids are less likely to be obese adults. Get em now, so that they prosper later.

Always eat a carbohydrate with a protein or healthy fat, never ever alone...But also consider these alternatives as well to avoid aging quickly and gaining weight. Much more on
You don't need a whole foam roller to shlep. Just use a tennis ball or lacrosse ball. Keep your fascia extensible and you will have reduced pain. Check out
Ditch the scale and focus on doing what you're supposed to for permanent weight loss. This is what I thoroughly teach my clients so that they are done with the roller coaster dieting. Stop dieting. There are things that need to shift and you are the only one who can shift those things.
There he is, at it again-Nick Vasos! I love this guy. He will do anything on air. Now that is News. Nick Vasos and I shot on September 15, 2015 for the 9am news. This program can certainly challenge your kids to some healthy and fun competition between you and them.
Everyone wants to learn how to eat right and lose body fat. If you use the JZ Fitness app for 30 days straight, you will thank me later. The app has even been released on Android too. So all cell phone users, get the app today and change your eating forever.

Going against the grain on ABC 7 with JZ FITNESS. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Let's together break the chains of obesity in America. Start by getting the JZ FITNESS NUTRITION App on iOS.

Such a fun workout, and you don't even need more than 20 minutes to do it. Grab a partner and go! Check out Balls to the Wall under fitness for the complete workout....Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

Thank you Fox 4 News for bringing me on the air and helping me share my passion for what I do. I cannot wait to see you all again when I come back to Kansas City. This clip shows the amazing Nick bustin' out his awesomeness once again as he does the total body moves that don't require a gym alongside Anise.
What? You don't own a pair of Kangoo Jumps yet? Now you can! But first, check out JZ on E! News. Then, email JZ directly for your pair.
Getting the midwest in shape with some tips on Fox 4. You've gotta try plank hockey-so much fun. I love buddy workouts because they make the workouts much more fun, they offer friendly competition and complete accountability.

With Stephanie Grady on Fox 23 News in Albany, I teach New York some usable tools during the holiday season.

JZ was on the Dr Steve show on Pix 11 when she visited NY this year for her round of conferencing. Enjoy the show and tune into Dr Steve for additional health shows. Like JZ Fitness on facebook for more amazing traction on how to break your chains...



JZ's book invites you to move towards self realization,  learn to love yourself, and give back to yourself.


JZ spoke with Em Duncan from Em Body on how to Age Well vs. Get Old on Episode 50.

JZ spoke with Dr Sebastian Gonzales about the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

JZ spoke on the Whole Food Love Summit about Healthy Aging:

JZ was on the Performance Place Sports Gear Podcast with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales:

JZ spoke with Dr Mike on RADIO MD about how to lower and manage hypertension:

JZ spoke with Patrick Timpone from One Radio Network about optimizing health through training smarter not harder:


On the shelves at Whole Foods Market,  JZ was quoted on the back of GTS Synergy Guava Goddess flavor Kombucha Tea- for her words of enlightenment.

JZ interviewed again by Brian Sullivan from Precise Selling 1510 Radio-ESPN.

Jenn is interviewed on ESPN Radio by Brian Sullivan, Author of 20 Days to the Top.