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JZ is available for one on one, duet and group sessions.  Her style matches that of the needs of her clients which she initially determines through a complete assessment for each individual which is coupled with an intricate training journey.  JZ blends cardio with strength, corrective exercises, balance, flexibility, meditation and all the elements in between.  You will be a superstar by working with JZ as long as you commit to giving it your best.


JZ will sit down with you in person or on the phone and review her Nutrition 101 course with you.  Her coaching is followed by a 30 days extensive hands on coaching regimen involving daily correspondence check ins.  She will help you create dynamic action steps paving the path towards your lifestyle goals as it relates to optimal fuel intake (nutrition), fitness programming from a distance, and all lifestyle habits that play into your overall well being.  Her blunt and fun approach will keep you on your toes.  She has a rule that if you hire her as your coach, you must be coachable! 

Corporate wellness with JZ

JZ will bring your corporation to the next level by working with your employees, helping them optimize their health.  Through nutrition, fitness programs and lifestyle lectures, you can help your company team members improve their daily performance and ultimately increase your bottom line.  It has been proven that by providing your employees with a wellness program that caters to their personal well being, overall company morale improves and people feel better.  When people feel better, they are more motivated.  When they are more motivated, they perform better.  When they perform better, the company does better.  Also, a healthy employee yields fewer sick days, fewer health issues, and higher self worth.

Family wellness with JZ

You love your family and wish to always see them in the best of health.  Why not bring JZ on to teach you and your family the fundamentals of optimal health?  A healthy home is a healthy family.  Learn how to get your family on board with optimal health.

The JZ FITNESS performance (lecture style with a twist)

JZ loves the stage and has a tremendous background performing in front of thousands of people at medical and educational conferences and seminars.  Her love and passion for lifestyle optimization is contagious when she presents.  She is captivating, entertaining and will always involve the audience on many levels.  The goal of her lectures is to stir the minds of all who attend so that everyone leaves with seeds of change.  Everyone possesses the full potential and mental strength to break their chains of obesity and/or poor lifestyle habits.  Bring JZ on board to teach your audience HOW.

Managed by JZ

JZ has a very strong commitment to not only those whom she directly coaches and trains, but also to help you find the best fitness and wellness experts in your area.  Using her extensive fitness management background, she can speak with a trainer in your area on your behalf and openly communicate with them about her interpretation of your evaluation results.  

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