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Release Tight Muscles

MyoBuddy Massager Pro

The MyoBuddy Massager Pro is a must have! Use it pre- and post-workout and for muscle tension relief.  A game changer for me and the other people I've shared it with. All my fans get an exclusive promotional discount using the code JZfitness at checkout!

Aeromat Extra Firm Black Foam Rollers

Dense foam provides deep penetrating massage for myofascial release, increased blood flow and tissue extensibility before you train. Use before and after you workout!

Eat More Veggies


Everyone needs an average of 12 servings of vegetables a day.  Because this doesn't happen, Juice Plus is your Gap Insurance, providing your body with the micronutrients from 30 different plants every day.

Tower Garden

Want to avoid chemicals and pesticides on your vegetables? Then grow your own with this awesome aeroponics system.  No green thumb?  No problem.  A 5 year old can maintain a tower garden.  It's easy.  It's fresh. It's organic.

Nutrition Delivery


Hey SoCal, if you want the best nutrition service that is JZ FITNESS approved, go ZEN. Z.E.N. Foods delivers to Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Parts of San Diego and Santa Barbara. The link below leads you to JZ FITNESS's approved menu. 

Traveling Workout

Move! Exercise Kit w/Carry Bag

Move! Exercise Kit - The travelers answer to staying fit on a budget with limited space availability! The kit comes with an exercise program designed by JZ herself, available to you upon purchase.

Other Apparel


G-Loves are designed to protect your precious hands from pain and fatigue during weightlifting, yoga, Pilates, bootcamp, Orangetheory Fitness, horseback riding, wheelchairs, water sports, and any other activity that requires grip. 

workout equipment

TRX Home Suspension Training Kit

This is a must have.  It is light, portable, and has two connections: one to a stable door frame and one you can wrap around a stable post.  The military uses TRX.  Train like a warrior.

BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

The BOSU Balance Trainer is like a stability ball with a flat bottom. This is a must have to help enhance balance, stability, and proprioception (big word, I know).

Mini Exercise Bands

These bands are great for strengthening your glutes which will improve your leg strength thereby improving joint health.

Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball

JZ uses the 75 cm ball at her work station.  This ball is also great for your home gym vs. a stable heavy bench.  You want to use your "core"?  This versatile tool is a must have.