Let the Kids Hold the Fat

Instead of holding the butter or dressing, how about you hand your child a 5 lb lump of fat to hold and see if they like to hold the fat?  As sick as this may sound, many people, including kids, are better motivated to take care of themselves with the use of tactile props and/or visual cues.  I couldn’t stop giggling the other day with these adorable kids to the left.   Wait until you see the video below.

Great example.  My mother, who I love so dearly, has recently dropped a lot of her unwanted pounds (31.5 lbs to be exact) and kept it off since summer of last year.  So proud of her.  Can I tell you one of the tricks to her madness (she’s not mad-just a figure of speech)?  She told me over a year ago that if she saw fat and held it, that it would gross her out enough to start behaving.  I therefore went on line on Amazon and bought her a 5 lb blob of fat to keep at home.  Since she’s had this fat, get this: There was one day when at the beginning of her journey, she had terrible cravings for junk food and she picked up the blob and carried it around her house until she was over it and turned off.  Great strategy-it worked!  Hence, the birth of tool #78 in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools.

You must watch the video below, it is hysterical.  Two little girls; 5 and 2 years old who were attracted to my fat and muscle models at the clinic.  That is when I decided to prove that my tool in my book not only works for adults but children too.  As a parent, or teacher of children, it is your duty as it is mine, to help educate the kids on healthy habits.  Purchase the pounds.  Teach kids the essence of what this tool discusses.  If you have the book, open it up and read the tool real quickly. I’ll wait…Yes,  how cool is this tool?  It is both humanitarian in nature and of course is an excellent motivational tool for anyone who is working on themselves in the lifestyle department.  There are plenty of posts that will come to help you so that you can help the children in your life.  I am open to receiving private messages as to what type of issues you face.  I will come up with solutions.  Let’s make this a team effort.  You can truly make huge changes that end in healthier people.  Oh, how this stuff excites me!

Family ties help the whole family unit with their health.  My favorite expression: your health IS your wealth!  Forget about the simplicity of packing the right foods in your kitchen and cupboards.  It’s the love, education and tight communication that family units offer their kids and even the grown up kids.  To this day, my parents are my mentors and I hold a lot of respect for them.  Despite the junk food we were fed as kids, all three of us (my sibling and I) turned out to be athletes and successful people.  There is a lot to be said about good parenting.  There is no good textbook out there to help determine what the perfect parent is.  There is no such thing . But I will end with this; don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.  Perhaps ice cream isn’t in your freezer, but monthly trips to Dairy Queen is.  Why the heck not, right?   Take one step forward every day to help your kids break their chains from this terrible obesity epidemic so that a healthy America is ahead of us, during our time!  Healthy kids =Healthy future of America!  xo JZ