Dance with your spouse

My birthday is my favorite time of the year.  It is the one day of the year when you can eat whatever you want because not a calorie sticks to your bones.  In addition, it is the time of year when everyone celebrates your entry into the world.  It reminds you of all the love that surrounds you and of all the people who truly care about you.  I had the best birthday weekend.  My birthday fell on a Sunday.  The weekend started off with an amazing photo shoot with Xochitl Rodrigue who did a fabulous photo shoot of me and the love my life.  (hmm.. Should I share the video that my girl Hedda shot of us?  Stay tuned…) Then we went to Guidos restaurant where I ordered a Cesar salad with lite dressing and the Cioppino which is a seafood stew with a glass of red wine.  (Hey-it’s the night before my birthday!-HA)  No pasta though!

On my birthday, we started the day off with a Chobani yogurt and headed over to the Marina del Rey to receive the awesome direction of Lisa Nunziella at her new private dance studio.  Small, intimate and charming, Lisa utilized her expertise and amazing pizazz to teach Alan and I ballroom dance.  I luckily have been exposed to Lisa’s technique at Golds Gym in Venice.  However, she blew me away in my private dance lesson with my man.  She is patient, she is precise, she was perfect!  Anyone who wants to learn ballroom dance-all forms of it-should certainly hire Lisa.  Ballroom dance with your spouse is a great way to bring you closer, to share a few laughs, and most importantly, to move your bodies.  Yeah, it’s exercise!

The night finished up with a birthday party at The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu where I shared a small intimate dinner with some great friends.  What a lovely birthday it was!  I am a very lucky girl!!!!

Check out how we danced.  I’m telling you, this stuff rocks!  Don’t wait, start dancing!!!!