Circuit Works rocks

There are certain days when even JZ lacks the motivation to go to the gym and conjure up a viable workout that’ll keep this fit body tight.  I therefore love exploring different modalities of exercise programs out there.  Allow me to share with you an LA based facility called Circuit Works.  There are two locations-Venice and Brentwood.  What a workout!  What an experience!!!  You get a terrific bang for your buck when you are short on time, don’t know what to do or simply need a kick in the toosh for a minimal fee….At Circuit Works, here is what you get to experience:

You are led through a one hour workout with 2 certified trainers-one who acts as the “DJ” on mic and a cute little blond (or whoever the other trainer is) who circulates the gym correcting everyone’s form.  You start out stretching before you begin the class while you watch the “helper” trainer demonstrate each exercise.  (when you watch the video below, pay close attention to the screens hanging from the ceiling-they have a trainer demonstrating every exercise.  You can never forget where you’re supposed to go once the class starts between the help of these monitors and the trainers).  You start at a designated station based on what the DJ tells you and every 2 minutes, you rotate between strength and cardio.  Every other cardio break, you alternate between a Spinner bike and a treadmill.  You exercise based on your fitness level.  They take ALL levels.  So there is no excuse for not trying this new adventure out.  I believe your first session is even free.  Just tell them that you’re new.  Be honest with yourself.

The DJ throws in about 3 “commercial breaks” where everyone goes to the center of the room before doing their cardio station and performs high intensity intervals such as alternating jumping lunges, mountain climbers, squat to presses and other crazy s#$t!

In one hour, I burned a whopping 402 calories.  Not too shabby for not going all out and for integrating strength and cardio.  This type of program also burns calories and fat after your actual workout don’t forget.  Why?  Because your body goes into a state of EPOC or post exercise oxygen consumption which burns the heck out of fat.  (of course this depends on how intense your workout was).

So, treat yourself.  As long as your form is good and you listen to your own body, Circuit Works has the JZ blessing.  If you don’t live in LA, then come for a visit and try out all of my JZ experiences here on the West Coast!  Oh yeah!!!!  Enjoy a post workout sweaty JZ and Justin, their GM!  Listen closely-the a/c is loud in this video-grrrrrr…..