Run a marathon

Today I anticipated such nasty traffic due to the LA marathon and guess what, I was right!  I left 1 hour early (yeah-you read right!!! 1 hour)to get to my yoga teacher training over in Santa Monica right exactly where the marathon ends.  Can you believe it?  Well, all in all, I was proud due to the fact that thousands of people conjured up the energy and charisma to commit to a straight 26.2 miles of mental and physical stride.  That is so admirable I must say.  You go runners!!!!

Training for a race gives people such a purpose in a weight loss journey, or in any journey for that matter.  It’s something to work towards.  Remember, you don’t need to run all 26.2 miles in one day.  Build your way up to that.  I can’t wait for my book to come out-Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools, because one of my tools is actually on building your way up to a long run-or even a 5k or 10k.  Maybe that’s where you start?  You can even consider buying one of Jason Karp’s awesome books on proper training for runnersto get some viable advice.  This expert actually trains people too…If you live in Southern Cali, he is worth the hire…Either way, when you can train with intentions placed behind your training, you get to work out with solid intensity that will earn you your weight loss goal in time.  You can even join a runners club.  Google-runners club of (wherever you’re from) and sign up.  You must also eat well too, of course.

Today, when I left my house, I planned on just circling around Santa Monica over to the Yoga Collective where I’m guaranteed splash of love and serenity no matter how stressful the traffic congestion was going to be for me.  This place just calms it all down.  All the streets were closed around the Collective forcing me to park 2 miles away.  Not a big deal compared to the 26.2 miles the marathoners ran-I dare not complain (even though I wore Uggs instead of tennies-ugh!)

While walking these 2 miles at a brisk pace, dozens of marathoners passed me.  The light bulb went off in the JZ brain.  “I need to capture a story,” I thought!  I was looking for an individual who used the marathon as a life altering experience, specifically in weight loss.  And I did.

And so, I met this lovely man by the name of Tom.  Wait until you hear his story!  He works in the radiology department and actually chose to begin running marathons last year….His story is quite moving…He doesn’t look it, but this man lost 80 lbs by signing up to run a marathon…Yeah!!!!  Please allow his story to inspire you to sign up for either a marathon in a year from today or for a shorter race such as a 5k or 10k!  You can do it!  Set the intention to do it and then make it happen!  xo JZ