Accessorize your workouts

Whenever you go to the gym, you must consider the things that will bring you excitement to the forces behind being there.  No matter your size, shape, or fitness level, you deserve to be hot and feel great about your presentation.  I find that when you dress comfortably in an outfit that shows off your assets, you feel more confident in your gym experience.  If you don’t like your stomach or your thighs, then plan on accentuating something that you do love.  Your hair, your arms, or perhaps your personality.  What can bring any of these features out?  For some of you, perhaps your hands are amazing and you should accentuate those.  For that, you can consider my girl Hedda Royce’s G-Loves workout gloves which are super duper sexy.  Not only do they look great on, but your lifting becomes more efficient as well.  You must check out my interview with the infamous Lenda Murray to hear for yourself how great these gloves really are.

So, here’s your assignment.  Go into your workout wardrobe and see which items get you excited to wear to the gym.  For me, it’s always my lululemon.  I love that brand.  Lululemon hugs me tight and allows me to sweat like a dog (yeah, I know that visual isn’t pretty, but I sweat so much when I workout it’s ridiculous).  What type of outfit, shoes (they better be the right shoes because that is also important), hair accessories (girls, not boys-unless you like hairclips, no judgements here boys!), any jewelry, gloves, type of socks…Be excited about how you present yourself in the gym.  The better you “feel”, the better you will perform.  Don’t wear things that you are self conscious in.  Wear things that make you feel good. If nothing in your wardrobe makes you feel proud, then treat yourself to a shopping spree.  There are plenty of places to go.  Niketown, Puma, Ross, TJ Max, Macys, Sports Authority, Sports Chalet, lululemon…The list goes on.  Start looking at yourself in a positive light.  It will certainly help your journey.  Love yourself today, no matter where you’re at. Ok?

Check out the video.  This woman is an 8x Ms. Olympia champion….  Owwwwww…impressive!