Scale of 1 to 10

These eight exercises are all body weight and involve multiple muscles and joint movements. To keep things interesting, you can challenge the body by starting with one repetition for each exercise in a super set fashion (without any rest in between exercises) and with every new set, add on one repetition until you perform all eight exercises 10 repetitions each. The goal is to perform these exercises slowly so that you can execute with good form. Time your Scale of 1 to 10 work-out to see how long it took you, which will give you a baseline time. Without rushing through this workout in your next session, time it again and see if your body is able to conquer it in less time. Rushing through exercise only increases your risk of injury so while you are timing the workout for a quicker pace, you should always remain mindful of sound biomechanics and execution over anything else.

According to Beverly Hills orthopedic physician, Dr Raj, “The more ballistic in nature the movements are, the more risk there is for injury. However, teaching your body proper alignment for the more ballistic routines can certainly decrease your risk for injury in that you teach the body alignment at a slower pace, preparing the body to respond more efficiently at a quicker pace.”

So start off slowly. Warm up for five minutes prior on the treadmill, jumping rope, jumping jacks, or through dynamic flexibility (dynamic flexibility involves flowing movements that bring circulation to the joints and muscles). Focus on good form. Focus on deep breathing.

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