Just Move It!

Most people are gathering their acorns quicker than ever to hibernate for the weeks ahead-the holidays.  When I hear about this absurdity; that is one’s anticipation of their control over self, I stop the person in their tracks and say-just make a plan!  And then, stick to the plan!  Yes, that simple!

The holidays should be festive.  They should be joyous.  Fun.  Merry.  But most importantly, spent in good health.  Don’t get side-tracked.  Get with it will ya?!

Just Move It! is a fabulous quickie for those of you who just don’t have the time to go to the gym.  First, get the Move IT! kit and mention JZ FITNESS and you will get 10% off your order.  I get ZERO, and I mean ZERO!!! financial gain from your purchase.  I am all about hooking you up by working with great companies such as Iron Company.  I did write the program for them so when you get your kit, you will be blessed with yours truly, along with fitness model, Alex Curtis.  This is a fabulous holiday gift.  For less than $100, you can get someone you love back on track with all the most essential equipment for at-home or on-the-road!

So, let’s get this holiday started!  Bring it on!!!!!

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