Dangers of Hot Exercise Classes

Most people who know me know that I love Core Power Yoga, a hot vinyasa and sculpting yoga studio in Los Angeles that is also nationwide. I love the teachers at my studio and it has changed my life in many ways.  I do caution you that due to the growing desire of fitness club owners to draw large crowds, you will now find hot Spin studios, hot sculpting studios; a huge emphasis on training in the heat.  My advice: Be careful!

I was asked to blog for Livestrong on this very topic. You can read the article HERE.  Here is what I will say.  If you want hot yoga, do it.  Do it under the right circumstances.  You shouldn’t do hot yoga if you have any of the conditions listed in the ARTICLE.  I would shy away from elevating your heart rate above 65% of your max (all cardio classes) in the heat.  That is just my professional opinion. I believe that the risk vs. the benefits are too vast in comparison.  Unless you are training to live in heavy and hot climates, you just don’t need to do it.  Why risk your health just to burn 300 more calories?  Oh, 300 calories is a lot?  Come on now!  Burn your calories wisely and eat your calories wisely.  Oh but wait, I don’t count calories so forget about that!  (You can download my JZ FITNESS app on your iphone to see what they heck I mean).

Without further ado, read this ARTICLE and just know what you can and cannot handle.  Post below what you do and what concerns you might have.  Let’s learn, ok?

See my Livestrong article HERE.

PS: the beautiful blond is the studio manager at Core Power Yoga Brentwood.  Love that girl!