The Best Travel Workout

What do you get when you pair JZ FITNESS with You get the best travel workout that rids of any and all your excuses to not exercise when you are on the road.  For those of you who know me well, you know that I only work with people who have a huge heart and possess integrity.  Would you believe that JP, the owner of Iron Company, purposely brought me on board to form a program that people can use during travel at a very low price of $99.99?  It is unheard of.  A foam roller alone is about $50-$60, for a good one, that is!

This Move Kit! comes with the following pieces:

  1. Closed cell foam roller
  2. Closed cell foam balance pad
  3. Resistance Iron Bands (20-25-30 lbs)
  4. Mesh carry bag
  5. Access to an exclusive instructional online education video which can be viewed on desktops or mobile devices. The video teaches you proper safety techniques and also proper product execution for all levels. 

When JP contacted me, he stated that he wanted a workout that incorporated exercises that can improve circulation, flexibility, strength and balance all in one workout.  Together we put together the Move! program which came to fruition after months of planning.  We got the right equipment together and pieced it all together just for you.  If you are new to fitness, awesome!  There are beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in this kit.  The video will help you out a lot.  I have my fitness yoga expert Alex Curtis demonstrating the exercises as I speak to you.  You will get very fit with this program in conjunction with an optimal nutrition plan.  Hang tight because my JZ FITNESS phone app is coming out very very very soon on iPhones.  For now, get Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, the toolbox to help you break your habit of chronic dieting.  It’s time to make optimal living your way of life.  You deserve it!  Click HERE to get your kit today!