Three 10 minute workouts

Busy busy and more busy is what life always appears to be for most people I talk to these days.  What is going on?  I know that the days hold the same amount of hours, yet people appear to believe that they can just pack more in a day.  This has become such a trend with the explosion of technology that it’s literally leaving people (and perhaps you can relate) with little to no time for themselves. You see, life never gets un-busy for as long as we live in a busy mindset. We are the creators of our own mindset which is why I wrote my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools. We, or should I say-you, must unclutter your mind fors#$t to fall into place. I say in my book that no fairy Godmother exists, but I will say this, clutter- belongs in the trash. It doesn’t belong in your life.  In other words, the garbage man cannot get into your brain and dump the trash for you. You must do it yourself. How do you unclutter? Read my book. I am beyond thrilled and tickled to have soooooooooooooo many people giving me fabulous feedback on their own personal journeys that have read Breaking the Chains of Obesity.   The evolution of their personal sense of self being is what got them to lose their 20-30-60 lbs.  It takes a true commitment to yourself.  Not to your kids, your hubby, your wifey…Those people need an optimal you.  You ain’t optimal, you are annoying on some levels.  Trust me.  Change how you do things and big proverbial doors begin to open.  The tools are in my blogs, in my book, on my JZ Fitness facebook fan page.  I am out there..You are reading.  Are you actually incorporating, and I mean TRULY incorporating the fundamentals that I provide you with for real personal evolution?  If not, then begin today with simple, easy and tangible action steps that will truly help you become a healthier human being.

Start now.  Not Monday, not next month…Start right this second…Start with putting 10 minutes of fitness into your life 3 days a week.  It’s a start.  Below, I have provided you with three 10 minute workouts that do not require equipment-just you and the motivation to do it!  These workouts are ideal for the days when your time is completely gone.  Choose one, make sure  you are cleared by a doctor to do them, and of course focus on quality of movement vs. the quantity.  Good form is key!

Workout #1:

1)      10 minutes, lets jump rope:

Jump 20 times(count out loud)

Recover 10 seconds

Do that 5 times

Jump 30 times

Recover 10 seconds

Do that 5 times

Jump 50 times

Recover 10 seconds

(Still counting out loud, right?)

Repeat 5 times


Workout #2: CORE (videos that are of other trainers are not endorsed by JZ. Used to solely depict the exercise)

Pike Planks


Side lying oblique crunch

Scissor feet on floor

Side reaches on floor

Frog crunches

Pilates 100’s

Opposite arm/leg plank

Roll ups on floor

Basic crunch

Workout #3:

Calisthenics: 15 seconds in the zone with 10 second recoveries x 3 sets each exercise



Side Planks

Closed Leg Squat to Lunge

Push Press

Squat to Plank

Opposite Arm/Leg in high plank (the video demonstrates low plank so simply go onto your hands, with the option of remaining on your forearms)

Twisted Crescent lunge with Arm circles

3 legged dog bring knee to nose

One legged bridge

Pick one of these, do it for 10 minutes and be sure to warm up your body prior to activity and stretched well afterwards.  Rock your body my beautiful people! xo JZ

Photo taken by Xochitl Rodrigue: