Spin with your child!

No matter what you do or do not do, if you have a child, he or she will be watching you!  Ha ha!  You have a witness to your story.  Is that a good thing?  Ugh-not for all!  Without going into detail with how this can be either treacherous or amazing, let’s focus on one aspect of this situation for this post.  If you are in a position to want to be fit and get healthier, then allow your child’s beaming vision on your actions (or lack of actions for that matter) be your motivation.  I have a very dear friend Brandi who’s very much into being fit and setting a wonderful example for her son Julius!  This is admirable. She now takes her son to my Spin class.  So cool.  He is jamming on that bike, singing the tunes and having a blast.  He really brings it on!  When I asked Brandi what she does to sustain ample levels of physical activity for her 10 year old son, here is her response:

1) Take him to the gym with her

2) She boxes with him using G&S Sporting Goods boxing gloves and sparring mits

3) When she goes running, he rides his bike along side of her

4) He rides his bike to school

5) They align their weight loss goals together and discuss progress each week

6) They both look at food labels together (she told me that he sometimes will say-ugh-this is terrible for us! Can he be that mature for his age?)

7) References lots of books on children’s fitness, specifically on weight training for children-He lifts weights in compliance with the guidelines set for children his age

8) They cook healthy together which he’s excited to do because of their health plans-he loves veggies because Brandi cuts them up and makes them look so delicious

9) She limits his use of video games to encourage him to do more productive things like be active, read, etc.

10) He does the P90X tae bo kickboxing video

Kid’s fitness is so important.  The whole country must realize this in order to lower the obesity rates in which we face.  If you get your child fit today, then that will lessen their risk of being diabetic, fat and battling other health issues that arise from inactivity and crappy eating.  You must set the example.  You are their role model-never forget that!!!!

Here is my boy Julius who is about to take my Spin class.  He was so excited and ended up having a profound amount of energy.  That clearly made my night!

Jennifer ZerlingComment