Kids Will Eat Plants They Grow

Many parents tell me that their kids just won’t eat their veggies. Perhaps they eat their fruits, but veggies are a no go.  There is such a need to get your children off junk food and on a nutrition plan that contains all the phytonutrients they need to help them grow, and be at their optimal best.  They don’t start now, it is a disaster later.  If you find your kid is unfocused, has allergies, feels lethargic, acts lazy, sleeps poorly, or has any blemishes on his/her skin, then you need to stand up to a whole new way of life.  Your child’s body is drowning in the American diet and it will make them sick very early in life, if they aren’t already. So just like George in the video below, who beat all odds from walking and talking but healed through a plant based diet, you must must must get your kids in tuned with eating their plants so that they can be the child they were born to be.

I am so proud to say that I have joined forces with a movement called health made simple.  This movement aims to get more plants into people’s diets.  And for many of you who stink at owning a garden, you must consider getting yourself a tower garden and grow your own plants.  Kids get much more excited to eat this stuff when they grow it.  If you just put veggies on the plate for them, they will rebel.  There is no excitement in it.  And it’s boring compared to junk food (in their minds, not mine of course-ha) They plant it, they grow it, they pick it?  They eat it!  That simple.

Check out this link HERE.  I was blown away by the Tower Garden when I learned about it.  If you have any questions about it, let me know and I will guide you.  This is truly one of the best investments and self fulfilling shifts you can make in your life and your family’s lives because now, they can grow their own food.  While I love farmer’s markets, there is nothing more affordable and more palatable than to just grow it yourself.  No work needed.  The Tower Garden will self water.  All you have to do is fill up the bottom of the tank, plant the seeds you want to eat later and plug the system into a wall.  The amount of power this whole device takes up is that of a night light.  I know, it is awesome.

So, thank you George for your animated video.  You made me laugh the whole time we hung out with mom (Karen who did a wonderful job raising you!)  Please parents; I want your kids to be well.  Let’s pump up the ante on getting your kids (and yourselves) to an optimal level through optimal nutrition. While there are other things to do (such as exercise, stress management, sleep, drink fluids, meditate, etc etc….), nutrition is the starting point, something in which you can always control.  As I love to say, All kids stronger, get to live longer!