Move your kids!

I am a very observant young lady.  I mention this because whenever I’m in public, I like to take inventory of what’s happening around me.  I must say that children steal my attention more often than not.  Not only are children such dear beings to my heart, but I always like to see how they behave, move, and in general act in public scenarios.  Nowadays, you are lucky if you know the eye color of a child since their chins are tucked downward in the world of mind destroying video games.  It’s like looking at little robots moving through space with their small paws pushing away on the keys of their brand new ipads.  (gosh-I don’t even have one of those!)

This is such a disaster.  I am not a mother yet, but I can tell you that my children will not be glued to a screen.  They will be looking at the world around them and being conscious of their surroundings at all times.  Call me a true New Yorker, but you always must be alert!  Aside from child abductions, we as adults must teach children about the pure essence of moving and conducting a life that is full of good manners and healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Gluing oneself to a video game will not allow for this to happen.  Rather, it will sap the vigor of your child’s mind and cause them to be socially inept.  Whenever I try to strike up a conversation with a robot-minded child, it’s like talking to a wall.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  I can’t stand this.  The worst is when the parents let it go.  Come on people, teach your children!  Children don’t even know how to say thank you sometimes.  Do video games not at least teach that?  Geez!

If your child wants to run, let them.  If your child wants to hit a tennis ball, let them.  If your child wishes to climb a tree, well, with proper precautions, let them.  Let your kids move.  Teach your children about walking vs. taking a car.  Teach your kids to put the shopping cart back where it belongs.  Teach your kids how to do chores around the house.  Teach your children how to be great people.  Being great starts with great health.  It ends with a smile at the end of every day!  If you are the adult who sits on a coach, you can rest assure that your child will do the same.  Childhood obesity is rampid and guess what?  So is childhood diabetes!  It is frightening.  It is real!  It is up to each of us to set the example by being strong and understanding the ropes for breaking the chains of obesity in this country.  It all begins with you teaching subsequent generations how to move, eat well and be a healthy person!  Are you ready to help me?

Below is a video with my helper Julius who is always looking to be as active as possible.  He just joined a soccer league, thanks to his active and caring mother.  You can do this for your child, too!  Check out my additional posts under Kids Korner.  Make it happen-get your kids active today!!!!