Kids knowing what high glycemic is?

You hear all this banter about what is a high glycemic carbohydrate?  Are they that bad for me?  Should I avoid all high glycemic carbs?  Well, my position on these types of carbs is unless you are my friend Jason Karp and running 15 miles a day (is it that much Jason?), you shouldn’t eat them, ESPECIALLY those of you who are trying to lose weight.  High glycemic carbs spike your blood sugar.  High blood sugar equals high insulin spikes.  High insulin spikes equals high fat accumulation and possible systemic inflammation.  So, if you were to go on a diet (I can’t stand that word) and eat a deficit of 500 calories from your energy output (how many calories you burn a day), then you will eventually lose weight.  HOWEVER, your goal should be to lose fat weight and not just weight!  Am I right?  Let’s not even blink an eye on this!  Of course JZ is right!

So, aside from you knowing what a high glycemic carb is, you better believe that your children should know what a high glycemic carb is as well!  I asked my friend’s son Julius to point out 5 high glycemic carbohydrate foods in his pantry the other day, and the video below will depict his response.  Conceptually, kids may not get it at first.  But, as their parents, it is truly up to you to educate not only yourself, but your kids who keep a vigilant eye on your actions.  Your kids are mirror images of what you teach them.  Yes, we can argue that they go to school and learn things from outside of their home.  But one would agree that if you educate your kids, in a kind way, about the fundamentals of exercise and proper nutrition, you will cut down on the probability of producing a diabetic child.  So many of our adolescents are becoming diabetic because of their diet and lack of activity.  This can be avoided once the adults (yeah you!) teach the kids how to eat, and how to feel good about eating healthily. Make eating healthy fun!  Create new ways to eat veggies.  Take them to the farmer’s market.  Have them cut up the veggies.  (you will notice that they eat them as they cut them)  Have your child go on a strawberry picking trip.  Teach your child how great it is to eat natural foods!  Teach your child how to move.  Sign them up for a sport, a martial art, something that gets them active.  They may not like certain activities.  Don’t give up figuring out what it is that they like to do.  Our kids are our future.  Let’s groom our future to be healthy individuals so that they can continue blossoming into amazing individuals with a ton of energy as they grow up!  Are you in?