Be conscious to the things around you

When you’re walking down the street or even just sitting in your office or at home and feel a gloomy cloud over your head from your day, make the decision to just be conscious.  When you click the switch on to opening your eyes to the things around you, a feeling of solitude may shift that gloomy cloud away from you and your mood may instantly shift towards a positive light.  Life can be grueling as we all know.  However, it’s how we deal with rocky roads that get us through each grueling moment.

Let’s understand how we can put this into practice.  Let’s say you’re at work and you get into a fight with a co-worker, then be conscious and turn your Pandora radio station on to a station that lifts your mood.  Another example is when you find out that a deal didn’t go through in your business.  Take a moment to leave the office and get a breath of fresh air.  When you find out that your child got into trouble, focus on taking deep breaths and find meditation in your day for 2 minutes just to calm you down.  None of this will make your problems go away.  However, be conscious through difficult times can keep you grounded so that you have the strength and clarity to deal with the problems.

Being conscious of yourself is key.  You cannot control the things around you.  You can certainly control the things within you!  Learn how to not be so quick to losing yourself in the moment of insecure grounds.  You deserve to be calm while conquering the things that need to be changed.

After a beautiful class at the Yoga Collective, I made my way to the parking structure in Santa Monica only to find this amazing vehicle parked 3 spots away from mine.  My eyes were open and my mind was in tuned with the weird s%$t that one can discover when being conscious.  Check it out!