Just Make it Happen

Enough talk.  Enough hope.  Enough wishing for the things you want.  Make it happen.  There is no such thing as failing.  Unless you are a student, then there is the chance that you fail a test.  But other than those of you who are in school, there is no such thing as failing in the world of LIFE.  Therefore, stop worrying and be a warrior!

Take your life from a place of hope to a place of action.One step forward is one step closer. Here are some tools to use starting now:

1) Schedule personal ME time every single day. I was surprised to hear a client tell me the other day that work is so busy, she rarely has a chance to use the ladies room.  That isn’t good.

2) BREATHE.  Yes, so many people do not know how to breathe.  Stop now and close your eyes.  Take a deep breath through your nose.  Hold your breath for one count.  Open mouth exhale, slowly letting go of the breath as if you are fogging the pane of a window with your exhale.  Do that 3 times.  Calm your mind and body down!

3) Set realistic goals for each day, each week and each month.  For example; today I will go to the gym and do sprints and core.  This week I am scheduled for M-W-F to do yoga. Saturday will be a run 1 mile outside..  This month I plan on building up my distance to running 2 miles.

4) Believe in yourself.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  Anything.  There is nothing at all that is impossible, and if you think I’m wrong, post it on my JZ FITNESS Facebook fan page and lets discuss it!  Or you can privately email me! 

5) Put optimal fuel in the gas tank.  That diesel fuel is slowin’ ya down. In fact, it is killing you.  There is no way to be at your optimal best if you eat the wrong food.  So with that said, if you are ready to be on your “A” game, then ditch the crap and and get the JZ FITNESS Nutrition app! Ha, that rhymes!