Food for Life through Humanitarian Efforts

After waking up at 4am this morning, I knew that there wasn’t a better way to spend my summer-like afternoon here in Southern California, but to ride my bike to Venice Beach with a bag of about 65 mini-clif bars to hand out to the homeless and artists of Venice.  I traveled about 10 miles each way on my one-speed beach cruiser, to experience my soul lift so high from bringing countless smiles to so many faces who lined the Venice walk.  For a small protein bar, I received gratitude, love and true appreciation for me.  My day couldn’t have been any better.

Along the way while handing out these bars, I was stopped by an angel-Punya from Food for Life Global.  Punya is on a mission to create world wide drum circles that unite every being of all walks of life and faiths, to help facilitate peace, love and happiness.  Through his mission, he wishes to make this drum circle a reoccurring world wide sounding event to help bring people together to play and pray for achieving one’s higher self.  He handed me his card and I asked him for a short video clip to share his energy with my audience.  Check him out below.

To join his mission, visit his website HERE.

Every day of my life, I strive to be a better person.  I strive to make people smile, laugh and feel love in their hearts.  I am guaranteed all of this by being a humanitarian.  If you are down on your luck, your mood isn’t groovin’ one day, or you have an endless desire for more wealth in your life, then volunteer, donate and give of yourself to some charitable cause because your entire day will be switched to a more amazing place.  You will no longer feel unlucky, you will feel lucky to be able to share yourself with others.   You will no longer be down, you will be up for seeing someone smile.  You will no longer feel broke because you will realize that a truly fulfilling life is immaterial.  Life is at it’s purest when you can remove material items from your desires and start accumulating the wealth of good mental and emotional health.  Does money help with that?  No.  While it makes life easier to some, money isn’t life and it certainly doesn’t make us better people.  Money is a symbol of something that exists outside of us.  It is once we put a value on money that puts us in a position of wanting more.  Remember, monetary wealth is all relative.  While you might consider yourself not wealthy, what you have might be very wealthy to someone who doesn’t have even half.  So don’t count your dollars.  Start counting your blessings.  Start reaching for your higher self.  Start through joining a local charity or through volunteering somewhere.  It will truly lift you up!