Unclutter Your Head

Tool #1 in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools is all about uncluttering your head. A cluttered head doesn’t top a lean body.  It just doesn’t.  Lean people who are truly fit, are fit both physically AND mentally. Fit people possess some of the same main qualities:

1) Always looking to optimize their health
2) Never skips a night of sleep/rest
3) Drinks lots of water and usually none of the other stuff
4) Avoids alcohol for the most part (no more than 1-2 drinks a month)
5) Exercises most days of the week
6) Eats a very clean diet (free of processed food)

Well what does all of this have to do with uncluttering one’s head?  The answer is, when your head is cluttered, there is no way you can effectively manage these six basic lifestyle habits.  These habits become tasks, additional to do’s and at the end of the day, most people state that it is too much to think about.

Too much to think about?  No!  There is no room left in their minds that there is no space to think about what really matters.  Therefore, you must unclutter your head before you can expect any changes to really happen.  How do you unclutter your head?

1) Create order in your day.  Set a routine that works for you and work these 6 items into your days
2) Start jotting down to-do lists.  Be realistic because if your to-do lists are more like scrolls, then you’re overbooking yourself
3) Set reasonable deadlines for important things.  Be mindful of all the things in your life so that you set realistic goals and deadlines
4) Be an effective communicator.  It’s okay to say no to things that you cannot fit in your schedule.  You should never put yourself second to anyone.  I talk about this in my book
5) Manage your time more effectively overall

Uncluttering your head is as effective as cleaning out your closets of the things you no longer wear, and the things you no longer need. Ask yourself these questions when it comes to the things that clutter your mind:

1) Do I need this?
2) Does this still fit me?

If the answer is no-then unclutter and let go!  Check out my quick video and start making it happen, because you can!  JZ

PS: the awesome white jacket I’m wearing is from Lauren Moshi.