Deflecting Darkness

Ever wonder why you can have so much awesome energy in your day, but then after a dark conversation with someone you care about, you find yourself muddling amidst a cloud?

With all the spiritual gurus out there and positive affirmations we read in social media, it shouldn’t be too challenging to simply be positive.  However, for some, it is.

For those who struggle with deflecting darkness instead of internalizing it, listen close.  You have the choice to own your power every single day. If someone tries to steal that power by pushing guilt, sympathy, anger or sadness onto you, you are giving your power up to them.  How do you stop giving it up?  Here are a few immediate tips you can implement:

1) Limit your time with dark people.  Spend less time in the darkness with them.  Don’t ditch them.  Don’t insult them.  Don’t feel like you are disrespecting them.  Realize that you can only listen to them.  If listening to them pours darkness into your soul, then simply ask them what their plan is.  If they do not have a plan and their situation is very unbarable for you, ask them if they ever considered seeking help.  If they are against it, stand behind supporting their need for professional help.  You might save their life. You will certainly spare yourself of the darkness that you cannot do anything about.

2) Show gratitude for all of their attributes.  In other words, be their light.  Focus on the positive because you might be the only light they see all day.  No matter what they say, remain bright.  Ironically, even if it appears that they aren’t reciprocating any light back (because sometimes they simply can’t), they still feel your radiant energy and on some level may appreciate it beyond what you realize. Don’t make this about you.  You are simply sharing your light with someone who needs it.  That is a blessing.

3)  Work on self love every single day.  Find things that make YOU happy on a daily basis ’cause in turn, those things will strengthen your sense of self worth despite what type of conversations come into your day.  If people insult you and make you feel bad about yourself, then the conversation you should have with yourself is, “What is my purpose in this relationship?”  Remember, relationships go both ways so if you aren’t getting what you need from someone (and I am NOT saying to have expectations, I am simply saying that you may not feel respected in a relationship), then ask yourself what is within your control.  Take your power back by asking yourself that question.  There are choices we get to make in our life every day, including who we lend ourselves to.  If relationships are nothing but poison to your mind, then you might have to decide to move your life in a different direction.

Darkness can easily ruin one’s day because you might feel completely hopeless and helpless.  However, when someone else is dark, it isn’t your problem.  It’s theirs.  You have the power to choose who remains in your life.  The one person you can never go against is yourself.  Therefore, choose your surroundings wisely, but most importantly, never ever, and I mean never, compromise your self worth or self love for anyone.  Feel connected to your higher source and life will always be bright, even in the dark times.