Stop and think -what are you grateful for today

More often than not, we go through life without much attention to the finest details that life gifts us with every day.  We wake up, get ready, go to work, maybe go to the gym, go home, feed the kids, and then go to bed.  Then start it again, and again…Perhaps this isn’t your exact story, but then again, perhaps your story is along the same lines of the same BS day in and day out?  Am I right?  This is what a patient told me the other day.  “Life is BS.”  I looked at him and said, “Why?”  After diving deep into his experience, we realized that his energy levels are lower than the bottom of the ocean floor, which gives him no ambition at all to do anything or feel anything different than like, what’s a good way to describe it?  Oh yeah, like crap!

So, we went through the things that he is grateful for to help boost his spirits a bit.  Here’s what he gave me after starring up at the ceiling and thinking hard about it:

-His financial situation is fabulous

-His wife is supportive, but unhealthy in that she drinks daily

-He has kids that are amazing, but he supports them financially

-He has a great company that is doing amazingly, but it is very boring to him

-He owns a 2 million dollar home, but it’s too big being that the kids are mostly gone

So, he stopped there, and stated, “I’m just really bored!”  And so I responded with, “Well, what are you doing about it?  What would make you not bored?”  He then said that he doesn’t want to have to be so invested in his company but that he has no choice since no one can be trusted to do the job he does.  He thereforehas to do it all.  I asked him if he has any systems in place.  He said he started to develop a system and later stopped the development of it. I asked why. He stated that he just doesn’t have the energy to do so. Ah hah!  Boom!  So, while he is grateful for everything that his job offers his lifestyle habits, he is completely (and I mean completely) unfulfilled because he doesn’t have the energy, and his kids are sucking the money right out of his wallet.  Not cool, I thought to myself!

One would ask, well how old are his kids?  They are in their 20’s-yikes!  Can he be my da da?  Never have to worry about money cause daddy pays all my bills?  Ok, stop day dreaming JZ, back on track here…I would ask myself, if I were his child, “What happens when daddy leaves planet earth from health deterioration from such detrimental conditions?  Then what?  Who will help me then?  I asked him what his plan is with this since he seemed quite heated about it.   And so, we discussed his plan:

Him and his wife took the kids to Cabo to get away for 10 days and set everyone straight. 

-He said no longer will he support the kids

-He said he is changing his lifestyle, hence hiring me, and going to start sleeping better

-Once he has the energy from better sleep, he will be powerful again to make the appropriate adjustments

And at that point, in a month, he will revamp his development plan at work so that he can step outside of the line of duty that consumes his entire life.  He is going to take the 90% of the pie that is allocated to work and make the shift with these action steps to ultimately allow himself a better balanced pie.  90% of one’s life dedicated to work is just not ever a good thing.  So that is why when being asked what you are grateful for, you’ve gotta unclutter first, as I mention in my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools -tool #1!

Therefore, going back to you:

Stop and think –  what are you grateful for today?  Make a list.  If you have no clue as you read this, it’s because you’re simply not doing the “work”.. Living the life of a grateful experience takes remaining conscious of the things that really matter.  So, let me reword it for ya: What really matters for you today?  Write it down.  Enjoy it.  Embrace it.  Be it!  To health, love and light! xo JZ