I LOVE Amazing People

I love lending myself to people around me. A gift that was given to me from my higher source. Give love and get love in return. No gifts needed. Simply love and of course, respect.  What more can anyone ask for?

With the tragic news around us, there needs to be more love shared from person to person.  I tell everyone that if you don’t possess self love (tool #90 in my book) then its really challenging to share love with those around you. If you sacrifice yourself and find yourself giving and giving and giving with the hope of finding love in that behavior, you will never feel love for yourself.  Never! This will turn you towards behaviors that do not satisfy your personal goals.  Your weight loss, your stress reduction, your career advancement-you will feel pain and sorrow and this will perpetuate the wrong behaviors.  Make sense?  When you possess self love, you never allow disrespect from anyone around you and you radiate all the right energy which attracts all the right people and things into your life. It all starts with self love.

Whenever I go to Core Power Yoga, I get infinite amounts of love from all their teachers: Kumi, Megan, Alex, Alex A, Marxell, Elissa, all of them!  I love the energy of these teachers and even more awesomely, the classes that they teach.  I took Alex A’s class today and he was pouring out with poetic affirmations which came directly from his heart and was transplanted to ours.  He helped us visualize a garden of thought and our breath was the conduit of life fed to our garden.   His imagery and stream of words made me tear up because it was just so beautiful.  I felt his words.  You cannot fake those words.  Alex possesses self love.  I can therefore receive love from Alex.

The same goes for Megan whom was also there today. Megan is the manager (the beautiful girl in this post) and is absolutely adorable. What makes her beautiful is her infinite amount of light that radiates around her when she enters the studio.  Her light shines on us all at Core Power Yoga and wherever she goes.  Can a girl ask for anything more?

As a teacher myself, there isn’t anything more awesome than learning from such inspirational teachers as this place provides.  I have worked out at so many places but this place always, and I mean always, gives me love and a fabulous workout.  Not too shabby if I say so myself!

Get this; Core Power Yoga provides a free week which never happens.  But because the company possesses love, and hires people who radiate love, the love is shared for a week until you get hooked, like I did.  Treat yourself.  Come to class.  It is time to feel love in your life every single day of your life.  Thank you Core Power Yoga Team!

PS: listen to the video-I was thrown off by Megan’s response so their website is actually www.CorePowerYoga.com