Manifest Your Truth

When people tell me that they’re super busy, stressed, and overwhelmed, my response sometimes comes across as very non-sympathetic.  The reason is simply because I am not the softy who plays into one’s frustrations with life, especially if they have the ability to change their situation around.  I am the one who asks, “Well, what are you doing about it?”  I know for a fact that there are so many things in our lives that we can take control over, yet many people choose to not even bother to change.  This is when people settle into the, feel bad for me world attitude, and quite honestly, I don’t have time for that.  There are legitimately people who are handicapped and cannot make changes to their life situations.  These people are the only ones who get my sympathy.  For example, my friend’s wife has stage 4 cancer.  She is going to die and has no control over this.  Another example is a friend of mine who got into a major motorcycle crash and just spent 4 months in a coma and lost all of his motor skills.  I feel terrible for them two!  I also feel for their families too.  These are people who cannot control their situations.  I don’t mean to damper the day with such terrible news, but my point is, you have the chance to change.  They don’t!  These are people who I offer my sympathy and prayers.  You, I offer my belief!

As for those people who want to sit around and complain about how busy they are, and how life is tough, I don’t buy it!  As long as you have your wits, your health and half of a brain, you can make awesome changes to your life.  You have the ability and the power to choose what you do with yourself.  The question is, do you know where to start?  If not, it’s time to manifest the things that you want in your life as your truth as it will be tomorrow.  Jennifer Pastiloff is a dear friend who uses manifestations in her Yoga teaching.  If you have the honor of being in her class, then go!  If not, check out her site!  Another great leader to listen to is Dr Wayne Dyre.  I just heard his book on cd called The Power of Intention.  Excellent.

It’s time to reach out to the universe and start creating your truth.  If being in a rut is your truth, then there you have it!  If you wish to get out of your rut and fall into a world of beautiful opportunities, then you need to change your view on life.  How?  Start manifesting.  Start believing.  Start replacing your negative words with positive words.  Start reading about the things you want.  Start asking others around you who have the things you want where you should start.  Ask them what you should do differently.  Start going to lectures.  Start reading.  Start being someone more in your communityy through volunteering.  Start by opening up to your contacts and telling people who you want to be and what you wish to achieve.  Put it out there.  Ban those other negative thoughts as though they don’t exist.  In time, negativity will die and opportunity will rise!  Which do you prefer?