Your body is your domain

No one, especially 99% of the country, needs high glycemic carbohydrates.  Our country has gotten so side tracked with what is considered right, that everyone is simply confused.  Well, let’s un-confuse you, and all the others out there who have been bombarded with a million and one diets, and have yet to see results in weight loss and lifestyle adjustments.

First and foremost, if you do not own, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, buy it NOW!  I am telling you that tears come to my eyes from being told over and over again that the book is working and that it all makes sense.  Today, one of my readers stated, “Everything you wrote in the book makes perfect sense and I never looked at my journey this way!  You really cover all grounds…”  When I wrote that book, my intention was to encompass the whole lifestyle as part of an endless journey that caters to a lean, healthy, and vivacious body.  Your body is like a machine.  If you don’t lube the parts (exercise) and feed it with high octane fuel (the proper nutrition), then put put put (sound of a stalling engine) you go throughout your day, with minimal energy and ambition to do anything!

Life is one precious gift.  Go to the gym.  Grab some veggies.  Look in the mirror and be in love with the person you see.  Find your source of motivation to plow down any barriers that get in the way of change, and begin your journey one day at a time.  I know you can do it, and I don’t care how old you are.  Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Not true.  There is hope, there is prayer, there is the ability to make the changes that you wish to make.  If you no longer wish to be overweight, then stop behaving like a fat person.  Start embracing the behaviors of a fit person who cares about life and the body he or she has been blessed with.  You can be who you wish to be.  But, you are the only one who can make it happen.  No book, guru, website, or class will change you.  You can change what doesn’t work for you and you can be that lean person that you wish to be.

Check out my friend/colleague Rudy who is a six foot work of art who eats well, plans his meals, exercises and takes life with a grain of salt.  He is a shining example of a man who will age gracefully through life’s trials and tribulations, simply because he lives in a body that is resilient and strong.  Isn’t that what you want? Well, then be it!  Don’t wait, be it right now!