Be charitable in a fit way!

There are many ways to be charitable.  You can simply reach into your pocket and pull out a twenty dollar bill, or if you’re Dusty Showers, you can ride your bike 2,500 miles in 5 weeks across the country.  This is superb.

I was walking by the Hootersat the third street promenade in Santa Monica, CA yesterday and to my surprise, Hooters staff were waiting for Dusty Showers to arrive.  Instead of just hosting a local event down in Florida, Dusty decided to put his fitness to the test while raising over $50,000 to help breast cancer survivors.  The organization is called The 2nd Basemen, Inc. which is a catchy way of remembering their name.  Girls and boys, remember the days when you were back in grade school when boys touched girl’s breasts and “got to second base?” Brilliant way of tying in a catchy title with the reference it supports.  The 2nd Basemen Inc. accepts donations and your donations can achieve a lot.  Here are some scenarios of how they’ve distributed the money they’ve raised to breast cancer survivors so far:

1) Surprised one survivor and her family with gifts for their children at Christmas when they would have otherwise had nothing.

2) Provided gift cards to survivors to assist with transportation to and from her treatment.

3) Provided a grant to young survivors who without the 2nd Basemen’s help, would have had to choose between paying rent and paying for needed treatment

4) Provided funds for survivors to cover the cost of medications

5) Provided a VIP day at Fenway Park for a young survivor whose short term goal is to make it her next birthday

The list goes on and Dusty’s ride across the US allows The 2nd Basemen, Inc to continue supporting the families and survivors of breast cancer with hope,  by giving these families support for the things in life that they need.  Be kind, help Dusty support this cause by visiting their website.  Also, read my chapter in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, about how Humanitarianism can lift your soul!