No One Can Step On You

Just as the title states, do not let anyone step on you.  Part of loving yourself is having a huge amount of self respect and you don’t let anyone disrespect you or bring you down. Ever get blown off because someone is so self centered that they don’t take into account your plans and other opportunities that got dumped to the waste side by committing to their flakiness?  It happens to everyone..You do not need to deal with that any longer.
In this article, you will learn about how you can avoid getting stepped on EVER which will lend more self love and self respect and create a more fulfilled life full of joy and happiness. Here’s to an optimal life, full of love and light for yourself and those you love!

  1. Communicate effectively.  Allow everyone in your life to know exactly what you need and avoid communication barriers by picking up the phone.  No texting.  If someone doesn’t respond to you, ask again.  Following up is key.  Your schedule is important to you. No one else cares about your schedule the way you do.  Allocate a certain number of attempts before you move on.
  2. Be on time.  If you have a habit of being late, after a while, people will start being late on you or they will avoid making plans with you altogether.  Being late is rude.  One late time due to extraneous circumstance? Fine.  But always?  Unacceptable.
  3. Treat others how you want to be treated.  I love that expression.  There is truth to it.  If you want to be treated like a door mat, then disrespect your waiter, your valet guy, your door man, or whomever you think you are above.  Respecting these folks will always return respect to you through other interactions.  Respectful people are always respected.
  4. If people are rude to you, be loving back.  Rude people are generally angry people which is not your fault.  By you being loving, you can either change the interaction, or plant a seed of sunshine into this negative person’s day.  It actually feels good to do this.
  5. Stop being hard on yourself.  You won’t fit into every situation perfectly. But being present and networking with people can open up doors for you for new relationships and opportunities.  Never doubt yourself in these scenarios.
  6. Surround yourself with people who love you. For the most part, your spare time should be spent with loving people. People who make you laugh, smile and enjoy every moment.  Avoid hanging out with the Debbie Downers.
  7. Get your sleep.  If you don’t sleep, you are grouchy and annoying and that attracts grouchy and annoying people to you.  Or, it turns happy people off.  Sleep will give you a clear mind and happy thoughts.
  8. Find your exit strategy.  If you are ever in a place that is super uncomfortable, then leave.  But do it gradually. By you storming out, you make a scene and then you regret it later.  Peacefully and politely leave after about 10 minutes.  Smile.  And never leave on bad terms, no matter who you are dealing with.
  9. Find a leader AND be a leader.  Everyone needs to be lead, but more importantly, be the leader yourself.  When you lead, you feel great and strong.  When you’re led, let it be by somebody who can help you evolve and grow as a person.  Be sure you have a lot of respect for this person AND ask him/her lots of questions.
  10. Say your prayers each day.  Not that it has to be a religious prayer.  Ask your higher power for peace and love. It will come to you.  Be open to receiving it. The way you view the world is a direct reflection on the way you view yourself.  Make the view beautiful!

I hope this helps.  You deserve to feel great about your life.  As my grandma states, “Life is the biggest gift from G-d that we can never take for granted.  I thank him every day that I lived until the age of 92”  I love my Grandma and I learn from her outlook each day.  We don’t need to be 92 to start living.  Start loving yourself today if you don’t already and follow these 10 tools right away.  They will help you feel a deeper love for yourself, which is something you deserve.  In turn, the world gets a loving YOU.