Time to Let Go By Downsizing

Many times, more often than not, we hold onto junk in our lives both physically and mentally. In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, I give clear insight to my readers in the very first 4 tools that we must must must UNCLUTTER OUR LIVES in order to live a stress free life.

My amazing girl Marie told me to download Minimalism from the itunes store which I did and loved. While I own more than 33 items (see the documentary to understand what this means), you will learn that minimizing your material connections to things will force you to look inward to carry your soul. Your soul might be crying to you at this point, but if you have too much clutter, you don’t hear the cry.

Some ways to minimize your material life today should be taught to you so that you can learn once and for all, but along the way, you must work inward to pull out your purpose in life.  You might already feel like you know your purpose.  So ask yourself, are you truly happy today?  If you aren’t, then it is time to dig.  Dig into the depths of your mind and fill your heart with true joy, warmth and love.  This is so much easier said than done.  So let’s keep this post focused to uncluttering and minimizing the things that don’t bring you immense amount of joy and do not serve your overall purpose:

  1. If you buy a new top or pants, make it a rule that you get rid of one garment from your closet.  Instead of accumulating, you are replacing.
  2. Sit on your couch or any room and just look around your room.  Create a list of items that you don’t need.  Then put them together and either donate to charity or sell it on Craigs list.
  3. Read my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, specifically tools 1-4.  These are EXCELLENT starting points to uncluttering the very obvious that we tend to ignore.
  4. Go to a place of prayer.  It doesn’t need to be a religious sanctuary.  It can even be a spiritually uplifting place such as Agape.  It can even be a meditational facility such as Unplug.  This place is a space that allows you to free your mind from your thoughts.  It is a place that allows you to completely disengage.
  5. Read my book.  As I wanna type more points here, I keep saying to myself; that’s in my book…and that’s in my book…and that’s in my book…..So get the book.  It is a very easy read and it might change your life. 
  6. Just unplug.  Completely give up on any and all tasks and minimize your thoughts and mind clutter which ties into #3.  But check out my video below.  Look how completely relaxed I am.  You can’t fake relaxation.  You either do it or you don’t.
  7. Allow tangible already in existence things be your happy guide.  For example, instead of buying that bouquet of flowers, appreciate all the greenery and flowers along the path wherever you’re walking. Get this; In the over-populated city of Los Angeles while I was sitting in the infamous traffic the other day, I looked at the median in the road and found beautiful plants popping out of the pavement.  My ability to be conscious to everything that surrounds me naturally allows me to not need more of these types of things in my personal space.  So while I am not saying don’t buy flowers, I am saying don’t NEED to buy flowers because flowers already surround you.
  8. An excellent way to practice minimalism is to only take the correct amount of food on your plate at meal times.  Abundance can antiquate to overeating which will reveal your need for more.  If you only take what you are supposed to such as 3-4 fists of vegetables, a lean protein (the size of your palm) and a healthy fat, you will be satiated and feel spot on great.  Get my app on iphone or Android and learn once and for all what constitutes for optimal nutrition.  Following this very tip will also allow you to drop the unwanted pounds that clutter your life.  Less weight means more freedom to move through space without extra energy output.  You can now put that new found energy into practical things that further advance you in life.
  9. Do you really need all those photos up on the wall and magnets on the fridge?  Clutter is…Oh dang it…Just read my book will ya?
  10. Ok, I can create a huge list that lasts for days, but instead, let me finish with a grand finale on how to minimize starting today; know when to stop your day.  Don’t put a bunch of things into your schedule and run all over the universe to get it all done (rhetorically speaking of course).  Set a realistic day for yourself that provides you with purpose, urgency and a good challenge(s).  Grow from each day.  Learn to say no when you are mentally not available for anything more. (tool #25) Remember, you always must give back that extra ounce to yourself!  You are part of the pie in which you serve.  Never leave yourself out, otherwise you are missing the whole dang point….

Enjoy my video: