Aging gracefully is possible

Many people come to me simply to lose weight, but what people don’t realize is that weight loss is just part of the bigger picture.  You see, we get to borrow time that we live on planet Earth in the bodies that we were gifted with from our source above.  Yet, many people don’t worship the body that they were given and either sabotage it with unhealthy nutrition, lack of activity, high levels of stress, no sleep, no self love, or no positive outlets.  Life is a gift until it gets taken away right?  For some of you reading this, you may simply feel that hey, you just need to lose a couple of pounds and you’re good to go!  That may not be the case!

There are no findings that even your “lean” person can be unhealthy.  Why?  They are not fulfilling the other items that I mentioned.  They are drinking every night (not water but you know what!), stressing about life every day, not exercising and eating okay.  So now what?

No fret!  Just realize that when you think of your life as a puzzle, you get to put the pieces together, one day at a time.  You get to decide what you wish to focus on each day.  Perhaps one day you decide to take a grueling muscle and cardio strengthening Yoga Class with either Liz Arch or Tamal Dodge.  Perhaps you wish to fuel your mind with positive affirmations from the words shared by Jennifer Pastiloff..Perhaps you take out a brand new pair of running shoes and run your first 3.1 miles (the distance of a 5K).  Perhaps you hike up a tall mountain.  Maybe you juice all week long and place an emphasis on getting your veggies in.  All simply suggestions.

The point is, you get to drive your own ship.  Your lifestyle definitely determines whether or not you will age gracefully.  I want for you all to be inspired which is why I interview one of my clients.  He is the good looking dude in the photo who’s holding 5 lbs of fake fat.  Ugh!  This man is 60 years of age who has been working with me through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications for the lasttwo years.  In two years, he lost 46 lbs of fat and gained 18 lbs of muscle.  Quite impressive I will say.  My jaw is still on the ground!!!!  How?  First, desire!  Second, a plan and goal!  Third, action steps! Fourth, JZ power!  (Of course it was mainly his doing-I just guided…)

Anyone can travel this road-ANYONE!  I don’t care what genes you have, what your history has been and what job you work or don’t work.  You can do it!  You need to first find your desire.  No internet site or store sells desire.  Desire lies within you.  The question is, what will bring it out of you?  What will get you to reach out to a fitness expert or other expert that can get you to where you need to go?  Better yet, what will get you to do the things you should be doing each day with or without help?  You have the power to do it!  Are you reaching into your heart and soul and accessing your full potential?  Food for thought…

Here is my client’s marvelous story!  I am so extremely proud of him!