Happy Birthday To ME

I LOOOOOVE birthdays.  What?  I live in Los Angeles and most people hide behind the masks of a different age.  So why then would I be so excited to get older in a town where getting old, isn't cool?

Here is why I love birthdays:

1) I get presents.  I know this is very materialistic of me to say.  I even tell my very close people that I will send my birthday wish list to them.  And on that list, I put various things.  But that list is only given to people who want to get me something and have asked me over and over again what to get me. (except for one of my clients who hates getting me presents so I tell him that if he doesn't get me a gift, then he cannot expect a gift from me for his birthday which is 3 months later-LOL)  So now, I automatically give my "birthday registry" to avoid getting things I don't need or want.  Getting presents also includes getting a beautiful card with words written from the heart.  How often do you get cards in the mail?  Not often.  My first card was received from my 93 year old Grandma Sylvie and she wrote, "Dearest Jennifer (yup, that is my first name), You're as beautiful and graceful as a butterfly...may your birthday be just as elegant as you are.  Happy Birthday and know that you are my heart and my soul.  Forever, Your grandma Sylvia"  This card melts my heart as others words do as well.  I am so mushy like that.  And trust me, I love the hundreds of birthday wishes on Facebook each year.  Lights me up!!!

2) With every passing year, I get to reflect back on all the personal changes and improvements I made in myself.  Personal development is such an important piece to how I live.  I am committed to being the better version of myself with every new day.  Through reading, listening, meditation, prayer, masterminding, pleasant conversations, coaching clients, to observing and reflecting, I am able to climb deeper into the understanding of what people need of me so that I am the best asset to them.  I am much more emotionally mature today than I was 10 years ago, and even 5 years ago.  I am an open person to constructive feedback, and invite people to be who they are without passing any judgement.  Over the next year before I hit 40, I will be putting myself out there more through podcasting so that you can all hear my introspect and develop in the areas that need more love.  My podcasts might simply be a catalyst for that change.  As we change with the passing years we develop a champion's mindset which embodies revolutionary thinking, application and action.  If you were still living in last year, then you wouldn't be who you are today!

3) An excuse to hone in on yourself.  For those parents and busy executives reading, the one day of the year that is your birthday is the one day you get that out of jail pass to just be free. No stress.  No worry.  Just enjoy every waking moment from the time you rise.  Plan a great day for yourself.  Include who you love in that day.  This year, I will be teaching my classes at Orangetheory Fitness Sherman Oaks.  I will then train my clients.  I will then spend the remainder of the day, most likely in a spa or at an ocean front restaurant here in Los Angeles.  I plan on simply unplugging!

4) Calories DO NOT count. So on your birthday you get to eat whatever the heck ya want. Nothing will stick to your butt or thighs or wherever you tend to focus.  Alcohol on the other hand will never not count unfortunately.  Drinking too much will only get ya sick and cause the next day to be a living hell.  In fact, people who love to train in the gym will feel completely gross on so many levels if they party like a rock star on their birthday.  BUT, that piece of birthday cake-eat the whole dang thing.  Want chicken parmesan?  Have it!  

The bottom line is this.  I am all about having fun all day, every day.  When you find the fun in your life, you tend to age slowly anyway.  I will teach you a very important tip: there is a fundamental difference between the plasticity of age (how you look and how your cells age) and your chronological age (the number of years you've blessed the planet with your existence) So if aging slowly is a priority for you so that you don't "look" your age, then adopt the habits of JZ FITNESS and I promise you, you will look, feel and be a whole hell of a lot younger.  A light heart=A young heart! :)

Enjoy this video of me about to eat carrot cake on February 10th, which isn't my birthday and therefore this cake DID count.  Eh, I burnt it off already by now! LOL.

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