Fish are soothing

In life, we look for ways to calm our nerves down during a very hectic day.  As long as you are open to bringing new tools into your life, you will be able to find a more fulfilling life every day.  At work, our office has two fish tanks.  I remember the first day when I was told that I would have to feed the fish.  I was like, “that is so dang annoying.”  But, in time, I have grown to love my fishies because they are living creatures who actually develop a personality.  I sometimes wonder if these fish have picked up some of my traits because I feel like we all share a similar energy.  OK! Perhaps I’m weird!  But at any rate, my fish sooth me, especially as I work here at my desk on this overcast Friday morning.  Can you imagine looking up and randomly seeing your fish kissing?  So cute!  My fish expert Nic calls my tank the “Lovers cove!”  If you are open to getting one of the most amazing fish tanks in the universe, call my buddy Nic from Infinity Aquarium Designs and he will hook you up with a great tank and some loving fish too!

I must say that stress is a big problem for America.  Many people have so much stress in their lives that they aren’t even aware of how detrimental it really is to their overall results and health.  In summary, stress can kill you.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but over the course of time, stress has proven to be an independent risk factor for heart disease and other diseases.  How do you know if you’re stressed?  Here are some of the top symptoms:

-chronic exhaustion





-joint pain/muscle pain

-lack of mental acuity

-lack of motivation

-low energy

-low libido

What causes stress?  Life-my friends….You must learn to find the comfort in any discomfort life presents you.  You can be healthy when you find the right tools that work for you!   This is why I LOVE yoga!  This is why I love sunsets, the ocean, a cup of tea with a positive person, good music, a good movie…There are so many healthy outlets that you can turn to to alleviate the stress in your day.  Light a candle, say a prayer, get fish to sooth your mind…I know you want to have a slender physique…These tools are all part of the bigger picture.  My book Breaking the Chains of Obesity comes out soon…Get ready..Get set!    Let’s go!