Be inspired!

“Be positive” and “Have a Mantra” are two popular statements that have been circulating through the social world lately.  Both are great statements that require you to build an intention for the day and then fulfill it.  The goal of these statements are to slow down the pace of our fast paced thinking.  Realize that the fast paced thinking is what causes people to stress, feel unfulfilled and in the end-get sick!  For that, one must realize the urgency to make a change in their own pace of how they think, move in their day and ultimately give back to themselves in a day.  It is up to each of us to make this happen for ourselves.  I say it in my book and I will say it in this post-there is no fairy G-dmother who arrives at your doorstep one day and waves her wand over your head for healing.  Nor, is there a fairy who arrives and sets you free.  That, my friends, is up to you.  You are the one who holds the power inside of yourself to make the necessary changes so that you can free your mind from anguish, sorrow, pain, guilt and anger.  It is up to you to recognize that, “Hey!  This isn’t working for me…I will no longer be mad, stressed or empty.”  It is up to you to first recognize the need for change and then turn in a new direction allowing the light within you to guide you….Where do you start?  Great question!

Find your outlet.  For me, my outlets are prayer, yoga and mentorship!  That is what I found works for me.  There is nothing wrong with exploring many outlets until you find the ones that work for you.

Let’s take one of my outlets for example.  I love yoga.  In fact, I am getting certified as we speak to be a yoga teacher with my man Tamal Dodge at the Yoga Collective.  What an experience.  I take class at the Yoga Collective 4 days a week.  Among the many teachers I love there, Jennifer Pastiloff is one who must get notable mention.  This young lady blesses her classes with the practice of finding and sticking with a daily mantra.  Today, her mantra was, “I’m inspired!”  She said that for every time we bring our hands to our chest in prayer position, we should state those words softly to ourselves.  And for that, the room was inspired for every minute of the 90 that we were there.  When the song “All You Need is Love” came on from the Beatles, everyone sang.  I have never in my life of taking a yoga class experienced the whole room singing from their own desire like this.  Truly amazing!  When we were practicing handstands, we all shouted out, “Wheeee!!!!”  Jennifer truly made the class so much fun.  This was the source of inspiration.  We were all inspired to do our best and be our best.  Jennifer, you are “The Inspirer.”  That class allowed us all to live the experience of inspiration as she shared jokes, laughter and poems in class that all interconnected to being inspired. Jen actually does many retreats so it may behoove you to look into it.  Taking time to live in a positive environment can truly teach you the essence of what true “being healthy” really means.  Retreats are a great beginning to a new beginning.

After being inspired by Jen, I wanted to know where and how she gets her inspiration from.  Don’t you ever wonder how very inspiring people get inspired themselves?  Well, here’s her answer below.  Get inspired people-Find an outlet that works for you by entering through a doorway of a new opportunity.  Don’t wait.  You deserve to be inspired today!

xo JZ