Age gracefully through the book

Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools is not just for overweight people.  It’s for everyone.  It contains all the necessary ingredients for not only weight loss, but also to help guide you through optimal aging.  I meet many young adults who are always feeling tired, irritable, unmotivated, bloated, and suffering from a low libido.  This book is for anyone who wants an optimal life, so don’t let the word obesity throw you off from the title.

I will be featuring fit people every so often on this site so that you can understand that they are the walking examples of what I speak of and live myself.  I was at the Golds Gym West Coast regional Holiday Party on Thursday and was impressed with several of the people who attended.  Granted, they are trainers themselves, but they are optimal, vs. just kinda fit.  My girl Hedda from g-loves was there and her man Ralph Remy, who are both fit machines. Missy (PMA) from JK Livin’ , the gorgeous Melissa Zumba Zugell and Suzy Foster.  Love these people!  One girl in particular blew me away, showing up in very short jean shorts and a mid0drift revealing top…She is featured in the video below.. Wait until you see her.. She is 50, her body was tight and her moves were vivacious.  So, how then does this 50 year old get her groove on, when most of the attendees at this particular party were younger and couldn’t keep up if they tried?  My answer is simple. She has always sustained physical activity, in her case dance, in her life throughout her life.  No matter how old you are, once you start moving on a regular basis (minimum of 300 minutes per week), your systems will be far more optimal than they are today.  Ask yourself, “Does my diet contain 5 cups of vegetables and lean protein throughout the day? Does my diet ever contain those detrimental high glycemic carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cereals and sugary sweets?  Do I drink alcohol?”  Start there.  Why read Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools?  Because you are ready to be optimal, not just normal.  Normal, nowadays is over-stressed both mentally and physically, poor nutritional habits and little to no exercise.

It’s the holiday season now. When you go to your Holiday party, be the one to get your moves on on the dance floor.  Be the one to skip the fattening food and stick to a lean protein and veggies.. Limit your alcohol consumption so that you’re not worthless the next day.  Treat your body like a temple.  You only get one!  Tis the season to take your lifestyle to the next level.  Get my book.  That is the first step to your infinite success!  Here’s to your health! xo JZ