Do a Random Act of Kindness

In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, I mention as tool #107, that doing a random act of kindness can lift your soul.  It is true, as does all humanitarian efforts do.  Why?  It’s simple: When we give, we feel overjoyed with a feeling of importance in this world.  When we become someone who is needed by others, we tend to want to perform better.  Now, there is a difference between those people who overextend themselves to the world versus those people who lend themselves to the world.  I tend to lend myself to those I come in contact with because I personally love people and making people laugh and smile.

So, doing a random act of kindness during your weight loss journey can be quite the reward for you.  Realize that we are all on this planet for a reason.  What is your purpose for today?  What is your intention?  How can you elevate your sense of importance through others in a positive light?  In any journey we travel, we get to do things that make us feel good, which as you may already know, improves our overall performance.  For example, when a student brings an apple to a teacher (do they do this anymore??) the student walks away from a teacher whose glowing smile of gratitude permeates the air with appreciation and love, feeling great about their gesture. That student feels loved and fulfilled.  That student therefore focuses better and is more engaged in what the teacher has to say.  That is, if the apple was the student’s idea and not their parents’ way of manipulating the teacher for better grades.  Ugh!

Another example is when I cook breakfast for my office each morning.  I always get a thank you, and a “yum that was good!” response which makes me feel so great that I was able to feed someone else with some good nutrition.  This makes me want to cook for them again, and it also makes me want to be actively involved in my colleague’s day because they approved my creation.  It fosters a better working relationship which thereby creates a more engaging focus throughout my day too. I get a lot done in a day because of this deep connection.

So, what can you do randomly?  I have a list in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, which you should own anyway.  This is a very unique book.  It is my toolbox for being lean forever. Remember, weight loss is a goal.  Let me help you through this goal by owning an activity book that helps you navigate through your journey.  It is such an easy read.  Check out what one of my students just posted on facebook this AM:

“Just finished reading the awesome wonderful gift that is your book… My favorites, #17 Identify Your Moment of Truth & #101 Create a Bucket List.  VERY cool to read about YOUR first handstand (during your yoga teacher training) & WOW now you’re teaching old dogs like me how to do new tricks (my first successful ‘crow’ last Thursday at the Beverly Hills Hot8 Yoga Studio)….” Karen, Venice CA

JZ’s off the top of her head random acts of kindness:

1) Telling someone that they look pretty today

2) Holding the door open for someone entering in who is a few steps away from approaching the doorway

3) Sending a card in the mail to someone to tell them that you feel blessed to have them in your life- a just because letter

4) Bringing in breakfast for your colleague(s)

5 ) Paying for someone’s coffee at Starbucks, randomly

6) Dropping a dollar on the ground for someone to pick up later

7) Giving a child who is raising money for a benefit on the street $10 and not asking for a product in return

8) Telling your server that they are the best server they ever had and then asking for their manager to tell him or her

9) Writing a letter of commendation for your airline steward

10) Randomly thanking someone you love for their friendship and truth

Random acts should come from your heart.  When we can find the balance between heart and mind, we can really live a fullfilling life.  Here’s to an amazing remainder of the week!  Post your random act on JZ Fitness fanpage on Facebook and share your goodness with the world! xo JZ