Look Cute When You Exercise!

There are several types of people who go to the gym!  Those who come to the gym with a layer of makeup on to take a cycling class, the athlete who doesn’t care but only wishes to train hard,  and then there are those who tie their hair up in a tight bun, wear ripped clothing and even recycle yesterday’s workout outfit.  No judgements either way!  No matter what you do, consider your appearance as a driving motivational tool for training with urgency.  As you enter the doorway of the facility that brings you mental and emotional joy as a playground, think of the whole experience as your chance to showcase your best self for yourself.  With mirrors all over, most find the intimidation factor elevate.  However, rather than let this experience scare you away, look to progress while looking your best!

When we put ourselves together, we tend to feel good about ourselves.  In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, I talk about loving yourself now, and not waiting for your goal to be attained before you start feeling great.  Your goal may be to lose fat, weight or exhaustion, but at the end of the day, you must go home with who you are right now and love the person you are right now.  Once you love the person you are today, you will want to tweak the things that need to shift to make yourself better.  Try separating yourself from the number on the scale.  There is you; the individual, and then there is the number on the scale; the result of eating, drinking and not optimizing your wellness.  Who do you wish to be?  If binging on poor food and feeling exhausted every day is you, then simply embrace this.  If you wish to change this, then do so!  Yes, it is indeed that simple.  Babysteps…Use the tools in my book to help you through!  Which tools are needed to move you through change?  These are questions that you must answer yourself.  No one can change for you.  No one can force you to change.  You must want to make the necessary changes to be great.  This is why I suggest putting clothing on that makes you feel hot!

When I was at the Vegan Health and Fitness Expo a couple of weeks back, I bumped into one of my favorite fitness clothing designers, Elisabetta Rogiani.  Love her stuff!  Quality stuff that makes me feel so sexy.  In general, when I do yoga, I dip into that side a bit.  Why the heck not!  When I do high intensity cardio, I like clothing that hugs tight and that allows movement.  I know what clothing makes me feel optimal with the routines that I do.  Find your optimal clothing too.  Find a nice pair of gloves to lift in such as my favorites, g-loves by my girl Hedda Royce.  These gloves allow you to lift with your wedding band on so that boys leave you alone!  Or at least you try to get them to leave you alone….My point is to be your best every day so that your training program is truly your time for you.  If you wanna wear ripped clothing and that is your niche, then fine.  As long as you show up each time you go to train, no one can tell you what’s right for you!  By the way, Elisabetta is offering my readers 10% off her line.  I thought that was something worth sharing.  What will you wear next time you go to the gym?  Post to JZ Fitness on facebook!

Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools  is your toolbox for optimal living.  Don’t let the title fool you! Be the best you for you!! !You deserve it now!  xo JZ