Be the Change You Wish to See in Others

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Social media hoaxes, negative news about the government, war threats internationally, friends getting sick, such sad and horrible news going on around you, almost every day.

I am a realistic gal.  All of this will continue.  There is nothing you can do to stop it.  But what you can do is stop what you absorb from it all.  Your purpose on this planet wasn't to be a sponge of bad news and negativity.  Your purpose is what you define it to be and it is what you drive it to be. If you have large ambitions for your life, you must be crystal clear about what that is, and ink it, vs. just thinking it.

Once you ink it, do it.  Do it every day.  Believe in it everyday.  Teach others about your "it" every day.  Find joy in your journey and spread your mission to all you love.  Your mission isn't to hate.  It is to prove to those around you, and eventually to more people outside of your immediate circle, that your ability as a human being to immerse yourself in beautiful intentional personal growth can impact people in a more brilliant way than spreading hate and fear.

In this video, I talk briefly about being the change you wish to see in others.  Start with these simple tips. These simple tips will evolve to much greater things that exude your mission driven mind vs. a cluttered mind full of garbage and defeat.  Want this world to change?  Well, it starts with us.  So be that change right now!

Jennifer Zerling1 Comment