Practicing Mindfulness


We live in a very fast paced society. If we go only an hour from checking our social media accounts, we adopt FOMO or Fear of Missing Out on something. If we take a photo, we MUST view the photo instead of waiting to bring it to the photo lab as we used to back in the day (ooh did I just age myself?) If we interview for a job, we want to know immediately if the job is ours.

All of the instant gratification we strive for on the daily is interfering with our ability to remain present and truly connected to ourselves. We lose our vision, our purpose, our identity and start to invite the ego to lead our perception of life, more than we should. We get caught up with the unimportant and allow fear to lead us. We allow self doubt to hinder us. We develop a strong sense of inadequacy and un-fulfillment and ultimately forget about the basics of practicing mindfulness.

So what is mindfulness and what is in it for ME (meaning YOU) if you practice it daily? Being Mindful will change your way of life, if you practice it. It may even offer you some clarity and peace in whatever journey you're on. Listen to our latest episode of Fit Because on the very subject of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is being present in the moment.  So what the heck does that mean and what does it look like?  Here are some examples below..see if you can relate:

1) I ate a salad today with so many ingredients.  I sat there without my cell phone on me and mindfully tasted each ingredient, including spinach, kale, beets, broccoli, jicama, cucumbers, tomatoes, 2 hard boiled egg whites, pepperocinis, and a dash of honey mustard.  Literally I closed my eyes with each bite and allowed myself to taste all the flavors in this salad.  So divine.

2) Every time I'm in a conversation with someone, I listen to every single word that is told to me.  I look the person in the eyes to the point where some people actually get uncomfortable.  My intense look, so they say, is me being very present and not thinking of anything or anyone else in that moment.  I am here, right now with you when you speak with me.  If you don't like eye contact, then I guess you don't like mindful people.

3) Go onto social media with a purpose.  I mention this as an example because some people just go on to waste time, which can facilitate a huge mental and emotional stir if you're fishing for comparison.  For me, I go to social media to share my vibrations with the world, along with my expertise in what I am passionate about.  I then spend a max amount of 10 minutes going through other accounts looking for something.  Today, for example, I looked at postpartum photos to get me super excited for my baby who is 2 weeks away from being born.  I didn't spend time looking at fitness people's 6 pack abs or their latest exercise, for example.  Why would I when my belly has no abdominal definition, but a very healthy and active little girl waiting to cartwheel out?  My mission is to continue my excitement as a future mom, so all other fitness posts don't relate to me.  Purposeful social media navigation yields less time wasted and more inspiration received.

4) Picking out your meals for tomorrow.  Just like you pick out your outfit for the next day, plan out your meals for tomorrow. Go to your kitchen and ask; which proteins will I pack, vegetables, healthy fats...Get my JZ FITNESS NUTRITION app and learn about the optimal foods to choose from.  Having a plan will allow you to carry out your day with purpose so that you have one less thing to crowd your thoughts.  Your food is your fuel.  It shouldn't be an additional task. If you know where you're dining out tomorrow or even tonight, look at the menu before going.  If you know you are going to work 8 hours tomorrow, bring 3 meals and 2 snacks so that you aren't skipping meals and draining the battery.  Mindful living will reduce stress and keep you connected to your health.  Because guess what? Your health IS your wealth!

So are you ready to be mindful?