Chicken Nugget Salad with Ian’s Natural Foods

Did you hear that McDonalds just announced that they will no longer sell chicken dishes that use chicken with antibiotics and hormones? Well well well. This is a huge move in the right direction. JZ’s dream? Every fast food joint has optimal options for you busy folks. Apparently Carl’s Jr has a grass fed beef patty that you can get that is hormone free. Just be sure to 86 (remove) the bun okay?

The chicken nuggets I am posting about are actually not from any of the above establishments, but are from a company called Ian’s Friendly Foods for Life. (read how this guy formed this company-great intentions) It is in the frozen section at Whole Foods Market.  Moms: excellent alternative for your kids.  From what I see out there, go with this brand.  Ian’s has a whole array of other options so check out the site and see where the most local grocer is to you.  Adults, just know that it has corn in it so for those of you who have my JZ FITNESS NUTRITION app, I say go grain free. Get the app, use it for 30 days to the letter and you will see why!  But, we sometimes want alternative treat food options so I would prefer you treat yourself with Ian’s items then do traditional nuggets or wheat and dairy containing crap!  His stuff has none of that AND he has NO SOY!! Finally a brand that gets it!

This is such an easy to make dish it is ridiculous!  It is totally delish when you prep so like this (does that rhyme?):

What to get:

  1. Bag of mixed organic greens 
  2. Grape tomatoes
  3. Persian cucumbers (2)
  4. Pre-cooked beets (use only 1)
  5. Bag of organic broccoli florets 
  6. Ian’s breaded chicken nuggets (there isn’t real breading on this)
  7. Avocado (optional)

What to do:

So dang easy.  Heat up 5 nuggets in the oven on high (375) for 15-20 minutes.  The nuggets aren’t cooked so I prefer overcooked than undercooked.  In the meanwhile, get your salad plated.  Half of bag of the greens (looooooooooove how bagged is pre-washed.  So so easy!)  Cut up two persian cucumbers.  Add in a handful of grape tomatoes for sweetness.  Cut up one small beet into the salad.  I sometimes add 1/2 avocado to my salads to get my healthy fat in for the day.  The broccoli might be tough on some of your stomachs so to soften its digestibility, simply nuke it for 1 minute and place on top of the salad.  Then, after your nuggets are done, add them to the top of the salad.  I use no dressing because there are so many things in this salad it has its own organic flavor.  If you are all about having dressing, then fine, I forgive you.  But stick to two tablespoons max because as you all know, dressing is a condiment.  You will learn this with the JZ FITNESS NUTRITION app.