Egg White Salad in Minutes

I’m sure you can relate when I tell you that there are certain days that I just don’t want to lift a single hand to prepare anything in my kitchen.  Thank goodness for Trader Joes.  This place has a lot of unhealthy options, but if you choose the options based on the JZ FITNESS NUTRITION app, then you can truly get to your goals on a very tight budget in this store.

They have a whole refrigerator section near the salads that sells prepared foods.  Of those items, I choose the grass fed sirloin which is great.  In addition, there is a small container of egg white salad that I get.  I buy all the bagged/boxed salad ingredients such as the ones below and within less than 3 minutes, I have my entire salad ready to go.  I also have every macronutrient (carbs, fats, protein) in this meal which fills me for three hours until my next meal.

Check it out:

  1. Egg white salad (premade from Trader Joe’s)
  2. Avocado
  3. Bagged baby romaine lettuce leaves (or spinach or any dark leafy greens)
  4. Persian cucumber
  5. Cherry tomatoes
  6. Candied pecans
  7. Beets (pre-made in the salad section in a box)

Put it all together:

Except for cutting the Persian cucumber, and slicing the beets 4 ways, there is absolutely nothing else you have to do except dump greens on a plate, grab a handful of cherry tomatoes, squeeze out the avocado out of the skin (I literally squeeze it into the salad and yes it just plops right in), chop the cucumbers in, sprinkle in a handful of pecans, and plop the egg white salad (all of it) on top.  That’s it!

Jennifer Zerling