Steak Stir Fry Even Though I Feel Fried (A Quick Way to Remain Healthy)

Ever get home from a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long day and just say to yourself, “I dread having to cook now!!!???” That was me today after a long day of work and some chores.  I still do chores as in the old school way because believe it or not, as long as I can sustain it (before I have kids and perhaps even after), I want to maintain my high metabolism through these day to day chores to keep it going.  Most of America, especially those who exercise, have lowered their RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate, simply because they stopped doing chores.  Stopping chores decreases movement.  Why do people stop? Some claim that they worked out already so why workout more?  Wrong!  Some claim they don’t have time! Do you think these same people have time to get sick and deal with the consequences of aging?  Um…..

The idea in life is to move as much as you can and not become a couch potato the second you come home.  Do not over work your body, but do the basic things that modern day society has shyed away from so that you can maintain a good metabolism as you age.

Tonight, I just didn’t want to cook.  I have my days.  This weekend was busy so JZ didn’t get the normal Saturday off.  Instead, I earned my Run-Fit Specialist certification.  (Great course!) So get this.  I bought frozen Asian veggies and a box of pre-cooked, pre-sliced grass fed beef sirloin from Trader Joe’s. It is in the fridge section next to all the other unhealthy dishes that are pre-made.  This box lasts for over a month and is pretty dang good.  So enough’s enough, follow this recipe and dinner will be ready within minutes.  I’m going to bed now! (wink!)

What to Get:

  1. Trader Joe’s Grass fed sirloin (you can always cook and slice yourself)
  2. Coconut Amino Acids
  3. Balsamic GlazeFrozen
  4. Asian style vegetables

What to Do:

It is ridiculously easy!  Thaw out the frozen veggies for a couple of minutes or if you are like me, then simply put that coconut aminos stuff into a skillet and dump the frozen veggies in along with a palm size amount of meat.  Three minutes in, sprinkle some glaze over the veggies and meat and stir with a big spoon. Once the veggies are fully thawed out and hot, then it’s all done. It cannot get easier than this.  And it is pretty dang delicious!

Check out a tired JZ…But don’t get used to this look :)