Chronic Tacos without the Carbs

I was on my way to the Big A stadium (Angel’s Stadium for you non-California readers) with my man, and prior to that, we had many errands to run in Orange County.  Driving around Beach Blvd of Huntington Beach without ambition to sit down for a long situation at a restaurant, we stopped at one of Alan’s favorite past time quickies, Chronic Tacos.  He used to frequent the original one down in Newport Beach.

I looked at the menu and all I saw was carbs, carbs and more carbs.  But heck, I’m JZ so no matter where life takes me, there is always something on the menu that will satisfy my needs.  And so, I created my own salad with the ingredients they had. Similar to Chipotle, they have an express assembly so once you familiarize yourself with your macronutrients through JZ FITNESS NUTRITION, you can simply put the pieces together to get the dish I assimilated.

The JZ FITNESS NUTRITION salad (that isn’t what they call it)

  1. Lettuce
  2. Grilled chicken
  3. Grilled shrimp
  4. Grilled onions and peppers
  5. Pico de gallo
  6. Sliver of Sour Cream

(if you are active within 2 hours: black beans)

Check out our video here and notice that due to birthday exemptions, Alan wasn’t so JZ FITNESS NUTRITION approved!  If it’s your birthday,calories don’t count.  But if it isn’t your birthday, then learn to order the JZ FITNESS NUTRITION way so that you can age well and feel at your optimal best forever.  Who the heck wants to get old and feel old?  Not me?  You?