Rotisserie chicken salad

There are days when we all just need a break from the prepping, the shopping, the everything that day to day optimal health brings.  We’re human.  Our nature dictates a lazy side every so often.  For some, that laziness is too often.  Find the in between point for yourself and walk your way another step forward towards optimizing your way of life where it isn’t so much of a task to be healthy.  It pays off, trust me!

In my February 2015 JZ FITNESS TIMES, I share a horrific statistic.  Get this: According to the mayo clinic, 2.5 million Americans have an artificial hip and 4.7 million have an artificial knee.  This is scary stuff.  The reason?  Horrible lifestyle habits.  Don’t tell me that genetics are to blame.  Sure, for some it might be inevitable.  But for most, pure lack of willingness to optimize their health is the main issue.  We have a choice every single day.  We can either be healthy or we can be unhealthy.  “Being” is an action oriented position.  Wanting to be healthy and trying to be healthy don’t cut it.  You either are, or you’re not!  Can you cheat?  Perhaps you can “treat”, but cheat?  Who are you cheating on?

Ok, enough of my rant.  I care.  I would do anything that I possibly humanly can to have a strong impact on the minds that meet me and read my words.  I hope you are empowered!  I aim at empowering everyone who meets me so that each person can take control over their health.  It isn’t intangible.  We get to control most variables in life-one being how you behave.  It all starts with how we fuel our engines.  You behave more optimally if you choose the right fuel for your tank…So enough rif raff, poor excuses, and cheating.  Make the decision now to take your life into your hands one step at a time.  For those of you who struggle, email me and let’s get you to where you want to go.  I can coach you!

Ok, to the no hassle dinner or lunch.  This is so dang easy:

What you need:

  1. Mixed greens (get a bag)
  2. Organic broccoli
  3. Rotisserie style chicken cold cuts (free of all crap: GMO, nitrates, gluten)
  4. Cherry tomatoes
  5. Persian cucumbers
  6. Organic Avocado

What to do:

Get a big bowl and just put everything in it and eat!  …Yup, that’s it!