Ready to Eat Dinner

Yup, I couldn’t think of a better name for this post.  I am sure you can identify.  Work, work, work, and little enthusiasm to prep dinner for yourself after a long day.  Yes, even the trainers get to this place.  So I always have my back ups.  I have to.  If I didn’t have my back ups, I would either eat crap like others would, or I would have to over-exhaust myself in the kitchen (which if you’ve been reading the last couple of years, ALL and I mean ALL of my recipes take less than 20 minutes to do)..So, that last statement, is really an overstatement (clearing my throat)!

Trader Joe’s (TJ’s), as many of you know, has to go salads.  Not all of them are good for you.  Don’t choose the salads with fried stuff on top, or lots of cheese, or little protein, etc.  Choose the Greek salad (1/2the cheese) OR the Chicken Cesar for example…Also, I love the Country Salad that comes with white beans, peppers, lettuce, carrots, dressing and cheese.  I remove all the cheese cause if you have the JZ FITNESS Nutrition app, you will learn that cheese is a condiment.  With that said, I eat that salad and put a protein on top.  For this meal, I purchased apple turkey sausage from TJ’s and guess what?  Those logs are already pre-cooked!  Yeah!!!!

So, just keep your life easy.  Check out this 1-2-3 meal that I sprung together (all from TJ’s) and boom, you can eat and be merry!

What to get:

  1. TJ’s country salad (take out the cheese)
  2. Pre-cooked and packaged in the fridge BEETS
  3. Apple turkey sausage
  4. Grapeseed oil

What to do: 

Take out the salad and put into a big bowl.  Cut one turkey sausage up into discs.  Put it all into a frying pan with 2 tbsp of grapeseed oil.  Cook thoroughly through each side (it’s already cooked so really you are just adding a charred effect to the edges).  Once those are charred (for lack of a better term), place those on top of the salad.  Cut up the beets into the salad and top that salad with 2 tbsp of the dressing.  So dang yum!  Enjoy!