Turkey Burger on the go

Ever find yourself driving home with minutes in between commitments and you just don’t know what to make or eat?  Oh, half the world feels that way-right!  Well, today, I found myself in that situation and as I was rummaging through the aisles of Trader Joe’s, I asked myself what I can make in less than 20 minutes to fill me for the next 3 hours.  You all know I love turkey gumbo, but with my leaving town in a couple of days, I figured, I needed something other than the gumbo, but portable for travel tomorrow since I have back to back clients.

And so, I took the same turkey meat that I use in my gumbo: Empire LEAN turkey meat and jammed on home, knowing that I had other items in the fridge.

As most of you know, I am huge on veggies.  Because I am leaving town, all my veggies need to be used within the next day.  I therefore took the bag of crimini mushrooms, along with the organic baby broccoli, slapped on an ounce of light butter on top, nuked it for 3 minutes and boom-I got a broccoli-mushroom dish which was amazing.

In the meanwhile, I cooked all the turkey meat the following way:

Empire lean turkey meat

Chicken rub (Santa Maria style from Whole Foods)


Diced onions, garlic, and shallots from Trader Joe’s (precut in a little tub)

Put all this stuff into the meat, made individual patties and cooked them on a flame for maybe 7 minutes, until both sides had black lines and I saw ZERO pink.  I then took 2 patties (a smidgen larger than my palm combined) and put approximately 2 tablespoons of ketchup (yes, organic of course!) on top of those suckers.  So dang good.  Kept it simple-turkey burger with grilled veggaroos!

Try it.  Easy.  Quick.  Yummy.  Check out my video!