Dinner in 3 minutes

Ok, who the heck has more than 3 minutes these days to make dinner? I mean, are there others out there who get home at 9PM most nights of the week, or am I the only one?  Tonight was a luxury.  I actually arrived home by 6:30PM.  So awesome, right?  However, I did not feel like doing a thing in the kitchen being that I have lotsa education to share with the planet, such as writing this blog post.  Some of you have to do homework with the kids, or even work too.  Either way, if you don’t have time, there’s no reason in the world that your meal choices should suffer.  It’s all about having the right options baby!  So, try this meal out for a change.  It isn’t super clean and lean, but it certainly kicks the butt of any fast food chain out there.

Go to Whole Foods Market.  Don’t have one?  Hang on!  Do have one-great-read on!  In the refrigerator section, Whole Foods provides many prepped salads.  I love the chicken Cesar salad, along with the regular Cesar salad and the bbq chicken salad.  Each of these salads come with a side of dressing.  The Cesar salads come with croutons on the side.  Everything is put into your control, and calorically speaking, these salads are the better of the ones out there.  You get any of these salads, then it won’t even take you 3 minutes to prep dinner.  3 seconds is more like it!

What I had tonight was the Quorn chicken cutlet on top of a regular Cesar salad.  I wanted hot and cold.  Listen to the video on the bottom because this should be an occasional healthy treat, not eaten daily.  I like this vegan option cause it doesn’t have loads of wheat in it, and it has zero soy-finally!

The only culprit to eating frozen food is the sodium content.  But, as long as your blood pressure is normal, and you are active, this occasional treat won’t make a difference.  Trust me, the 600 mg in the chicken cutlet is probably half of what you’d be eating at a fast food joint.  Did you know that?  The rule is to eat less than 2,300 mg of sodium a day.  Hypertensive people should eat less than 1,500 mg.  Even those are the guidelines, most people need to consume even less than that.  Yeah, so 600 mg, you’re already 1/4 of the way there for the day..Wanna know why you retain water and look puffy?  (clearing my throat for your aha moment!)

So if you don’t wanna add this frozen option, you can also add one of the following two other proteins that take no time at all to make:

-Get the entire salt and pepper rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods and peel the pieces off the bird into a separate container.  Put approximately 5 oz worth on top of your salad.

-Tuna from the can with any veggies that you feel like chopping.  Just be careful that you don’t rush the cutting just to keep this meal true to the 3 minutes as titled.  Safety and taste may be worth the extra minute or two, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, enjoy the video, enjoy the meal, enjoy another healthy and fit day ahead! xo JZ